Nader? Not a chance.

According to a post here on Michelle Malkin’s blog, Ralph Nader is thinking about throwing his hat into the ring for POTUS in ’08.  What a surprise!  Was that too sarcastic?

Did anyone really doubt that Nader would want to run again in ’08, although he only got 2.7% of the general election votes in 2000 general election and less than that in 2004?  There is absolutely no possibility of him getting elected, in my humble opinion.  But, I suppose he might pull enough votes from other candidates to sway the outcome in 2008, if it is a close one.

Is anyone else going to waiting with stirring anticipation, like me, to see if Ralph will be on the ballot?  Sorry.  There came the sarcasm, again.  I have to work on that. 😉


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