Child support collections increased: Good news or bad news?

According to the Tennessee Department of Human Services, child support collections increased substantially in the fiscal year ending June 30th.  Source: Knoxville News Sentinel.

Court-ordered wage garnishment and federal tax refund seizures helped Tennessee reach a record $508 million in child-support collections in the fiscal year ended June 30, state officials said.

Each child-support office in the state reported increases in the period between July 1, 2006, and June 30, according to a recent statement from the Department of Human Services.

That figure is nearly 60 percent higher than five years ago. Department officials partially credited the wage garnishment and tax refund seizures for the increase. 

I am still at odds if this is good news or bad news.  Although good for the children who deserve support from the non-custodial parent that helped bring them into this world, it is a stark reminder of just how many kids come from broken homes.

But, what this article does not detail is that the State of Tennessee now charges the custodial parent, the one still caring for the children, a fee per year that is deducted from their court-ordered support.  Instead of making the slug (male or female, dad or mom) that is not voluntarily paying to support their child cough up this new administrative fee, the State of Tennessee is making the struggling custodial parent pay it with money that could and should be used to support the children.  Talk about a slap in the face to parents trying to make ends meet!

This seems almost akin to going to court to prosecute someone for perpetrating a crime upon you and the Court charges you the costs of the matter, when the perpetrator has already been found guilty.  You tell me the logic in Tennessee’s approach to this.


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