Jason McLean back on national television

Erin McLean 

UPDATE: Erin McLean released from hospital after apparent suicide attempt

Jason McLean and his attorney, Bruce Poston 

The husband of a former student-teacher in Knoxville, TN who is accused of killing his wife’s teenage love interest was on Dateline NBC recently.  Source: Knoxville News Sentinel

McLean, who is free on bond, also expressed shock at how his marriage disintegrated when his wife, Erin McLean, became involved with a former student from West High School, 18-year-old Sean Powell.

“Everything just falls apart, just totally falls apart,” he said.

Monday’s interview was the second nationally televised appearance by McLean, 31. The first occurred shortly after Powell was killed when McLean was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the “Today” show and tearfully professed his love for his wife.

Bruce Poston, McLean’s attorney, says, “I’m not going to try to make her [Erin McLean] out to be the villain.  She is the villain.”

Granted, Erin McLean is a pathetic testament to some of the fine folks in the education system.  But, her adulterous escapades with a student is hardly reason for Jason McLean to take the live of a teenager. 


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