Do as I say, not as I do


That must be what is going through Al Gore’s mind right about now.  LiveEarth was a bust, he has been busted on reckless energy consumption at his own mansion and now his partaking of endangered Chilean sea bass at his youngest daughter’s wedding.  Source: The Daily Telegraph

ONLY one week after Live Earth, Al Gore’s green credentials slipped while hosting his daughter’s wedding in Beverly Hills.

Gore and his guests at the weekend ceremony dined on Chilean sea bass – arguably one of the world’s most threatened fish species.

Also known as Patagonian toothfish, the species is under pressure from illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing activities in the Southern Ocean, jeopardising the sustainability of remaining stocks.

For those of you that don’t know what the Chilean sea bass look like…

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Clark Stooksbury offers his insights here.  By the way, Clark, I could have done without the image of Al Gore in my head with his pants down. 


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