Wal-Mart gets religion, sort of.

According to this NewsMax article, Wal-Mart will be test marketing biblical action figures.

Wal-Mart will begin selling a line of biblical action figures aimed at parents who want an alternative to comic book and other non-religious figures for their children.

The toys, made by One2believe of Valencia, Calif., include a 3-inch figure of Daniel in the lion’s den, a 12-inch talking Jesus, and a 13-inch figure of Old Testament strongman Samson…

The figures will go on sale at 425 of the retailer’s 3,376 stores beginning in August, according to Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa O’Brien.

“It’s a test, not a national rollout,” she said. “I think there is an interest in faith-based toys and we are testing it in our stores.”

I heard something about this today on Hallerin Hilton Hill‘s radio show and had to read more on it. 

There is a link to One2Believe, the manufacturer of biblical action figures partnered with Wal-Mart. 

This program represents a huge opportunity for the faith community as it is the first time a worldwide retailer has opened-up shelf-space for a strong Bible-based toy product, like Tales of Glory! However, this is only a test-run. In fact, Wal-Mart will only have Tales of Glory in about 500 stores and only for a limited time (August through January). They have temporarily made the product available, and are waiting to see the response from their consumers. The success of this program is up to us… we need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Jesus action figureSampson action figureGoliath action figure

It’s just hard to picture Jesus next to G.I. Joe, Barbie, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, et al.  Is it just me?  I can see the pros and the cons of this venture but I am just having a hard time getting my mind around all of it.  Hmmm?

ReformedChicksBlabbing voice their displeasure here

A few far out there comments can be found here on Digg. 


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