Hillary to Moorefield: Drop Dead

It would appear that the Democrats of rural Moorefield, West Virginia just didn’t have what it takes to get Hillary Clinton to stop by for a rally with her that they had been organizing for month, from a post I found here

It seems that the the $50,000 that they projected raising was only a 1/3 of what Hillary requires to be graced with her presence.  Apparently, some of the Democrats there aren’t going to take it too well.

InstaPundit has some feeback on it here.

I guess the $50,000 is too small for Edwards to divert his poverty tour into the rural poultry country of Moorefield, since he normally gets $55,000 to give a speech on poverty.  But, I bet Obama would make a swing through, if the Democrats there asked him, there for $50,000.  Maybe that it why he is the most successful of his Democrat counterparts in raising money right now.


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