School choice, not likely on the Dems’ agenda in ’08

With the leading Democrat contenders for the ’08 presidential nomination making the pilgrimage to the the NEA’s annual convention and trying to curry favor by talking the talk of the powerful educators’ union, I don’t think there is any danger of seeing a Democrat try to bring us the option of having a choice of schools for our children.

You know, this runs contradictory to the whole “pro-choice” position the Dems profess, like with abortion.

Of course, they derail when it comes to “pro-choice” on the right to keep and bear arms, school choice, what talk radio programming we should hear, etc.

Oh well, there may be hope that a sensible person will get into office, someday, that will push the “pro-choice” idea of parents being able to have the ability to decide the best place for their kids to get educated.  I still think our best bet is it will be someone in the GOP that will make that happen.  Don’t hold your breath for Hillary, Pelosi, Durbin, et al to come through on it.


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