Slick Willy weighs in: “…there is no military victory” in Iraq

Willy has spoken.  Well, that must be the clincher.  Call the troops.  Tell them to pack it up and come on home.  The story is here in NewsMax. 

“The point is, that there is no military victory here,” he said in an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Clinton’s wife Hillary is running for the Democratic nomination for president and she has been calling on Bush to pull troops out of Iraq.

“There is no evidence that, whether we have a good day in a particular community or region in Iraq, that we have either the political reconciliation process within the country working or any diplomatic process that’s got a chance to help with the neighbors,” the former Democratic president said.

Now, what were those military debacles that Clinton got the U.S. into, when he was president?  Hmmm? 

And, this comes on the heals of Dems in the Senate trying to force a troop withdrawal in Iraq with their slumber party stunt this week. 


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