The MSM definition of a “staunch Republican”

I ran across this post on Michelle Malkin’s blog regarding an article that she found in a news article by Warner Todd Huston.

Apparently, the Sun-Times writer, Jennifer Hunter, failed to do her campaign contribution homework on her “staunch republican”.  A glance at his history of campaign contributions looks a little lopsided, and not in the Republican category.

$1,000 Harris Wofford (Democrat, PA) 6/22/1994
$250 Charles Oberly (Democrat, PA) 10/3/1994
$500 Edward Kennedy (Democrat, MA) 11/16/1995
$250 Stewart Greenleaf (Republican, PA) 12/29/1999
$250 Patrick Casey (Democrat, PA) 6/3/2000
$500 Ron Klink (Democrat, PA) 6/13/2000
$500 Ron Klink (Democrat, PA) 9/15/2000
$500 Arlen Specter (Republican, PA) 11/5/2001
$500 Allyson Schwartz (Democrat, PA) 3/30/2004
$2,000 John Kerry (Democrat, MA) 5/27/2004
$500 Allyson Schwartz (Democrat, PA) 8/23/2005
$1,000 Bob Casey (Democrat, PA) 9/13/2006
$500 Bob Casey (Democrat, PA) 9/30/2005
$500 Bruce Braley 9/5/2006

Hello, Jennifer.  An investigative reporter might call that a ‘clue’ that your person might be a little more “staunch” the other way.

Michelle Malkin note:

Conservatives on the Internet asked Hunter to explain. Her reaction? A column complaining about: 1) how mean the Internet watchdogs are; 2) how readers should blame her editor, not her; and 3) how one registered Republican just decided he’s supporting Hillary, so no one should complain about her embarrassingly inaccurate description of Ronca as a “staunch Republican.”

Really, Michelle, did you expect more from Jennifer Hunter?  Surely you weren’t holding out hope that she would ‘fess up to her injecting of political leanings into her story.  That would have defeated her trying to push her agenda. 

Michelle appropriately filed her post under “Media Bias”.  Good choice.


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