TSA: “Those Silly Asses”? Hmmm?

The incompetency of the Transportation Security Administration is brought to light again in a news article by Debbi Farr Baker and Angelica Martinez that I found on Michelle Malkin’s blog here.

So, in a nutshell, a guy puts a bag on the conveyor to have it scanned, TSA decides he has more than the allowable amount of liquid in it, along with a suspicious tennis shoe with a built-in pedometer and wants to take a closer look but, to the dismay of the TSA, they lost track of the guy and his bag of interst?  So, what do they do, shut down the airport, vacate hundreds of travelers from the terminals and delay several flights for hours, while they scan those hundreds back through security again?

Of course, none of the bungling was the TSA’s fault.  You see, as Nico Melendez, a spokesman for TSA puts it:

“If this passenger didn’t have those liquids, none of this would have happened.”

Hey, Nico?  How’s about this angle – If you guys had kept up with this guy and his bag, all of the other chaos might not have occurred? 

But, alas, it is not to be.  Instead, TSA, through Melendez, chooses to try to shift the blame to the passenger with of whom they cannot keep track.

This sounds so reminiscent of my 6 year old son telling me that someone else made him do something wrong.  Of course, a 6 year old doesn’t have the capacity for reason, when I repeatedly tell him, “Other people do not make you do things you aren’t supposed to do.  You are responsible for your actions, not the other person.”  So, it doesn’t get very far with him.  But, you would think or hope that the TSA employees people with whom you could reason to explain these things.  But, that may be holding out too much hope.

Until such time as TSA gets there stuff together, keep an eye out for their posteriors.  Because, if they are not attached, they might lose them too.

What absurd news with which to start one’s day.  It sort of reminds of the old joke with the football and the monkey.  Sad.

More on this from the Blogosphere at: Bill’s Bites and The American Pundit


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  1. Mark Says:

    My original post (that I forwarded to Michelle) about this is here:


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