Name Pelosi’s memoir

Michelle Malkin is looking for ideas on a name for Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming memoirs. 

According to the information in the press release from Doubleday on Pelosi being born in Baltimore and ending up, so far, in San Francisco, coupled with her political leanings, I would have to call it “Leftward Stumblings From Birth“.  A few more steps and she will be completely off the edge.

Submit your ideas to Michelle for consideration.


7 Responses to “Name Pelosi’s memoir”

  1. jackson, j Says:

    House Ho

  2. William Park Says:


  3. Jayne Says:


  4. Ronald Gengo Says:

    La Madonna Inshallah Mohammed (No Blessed Mother (Italian Catholic Pelosi) God Be with you Moslem God of Syria)

  5. Bonnie Hendricks Says:

    The title should be “My Path To Treason Against My Country.”

  6. Bunk Says:

    “I Am Woman, hear me, um, ah, I Be Woman, and, uh…”

  7. Mark Harritt Says:

    As a tip to Sun Tzu, and Peter Sellers, how about, “The Art of Surrender, or how I learned to love Dhimmitude.”

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