Breaking news: Rudy said bulls**t in 1992


Greg Sargent tries to justify posting the video of Rudy Giuliani saying bulls**t fifteen years ago at the police union rally:

Really, it almost seems at times as if the wingnut bloggers delight in setting themselves up for mockery and parody

Sargent also takes issue with Ace of Spades. 

Ace of Space grinds the gears furiously to produce something that is apparently supposed to constitute some sort of satire

Ace of Spades replies back here, a bit to colorfully for my taste but replies nonetheless.  So, I haven’t completely quoted the response.  Check it out for yourself, if interested.

Indeed, he [Giuliani] does appear unhinged — somehow the volcanic black anger burning inside of him like tumors of pure hatred is able to cause the video to suddenly jump-zoom on his face the moment he speaks The Forbidden Word of Ultimate Blasphemy. His very utterance of the word causes the video to zoom in frighteningly, almost as if someone had manipulated the tape for this effect.

For the love of God, the man is grinning when he says bullshit.

Ann Althouse calls Greg Sargent to task and points out the fallacies in his unhinged arguments, as well as his methods: 

Typical beginning for a lefty blogpost. He assumes anyone not on his side is a “wingnut” — someone who barely deserves any regard from his readers. (Hint to Sargent: I voted for Russ Feingold (every time he’s run), Al Gore, Bill Clinton (twice), etc. etc.) And he assumes his opponents have written nothing that will require much of any argument from him — it’s already just a set-up for “mockery and parody.” Oh, Greg, you moonbat, your lame post is beyond parody because it is already its own parody. (Hint: I’m just pretending to write like a lefty blogger for fun. I don’t really write like that. But I note how damned easy it is.)


So what?  Understand, I am not a big fan of Rudy Giuliani or his presidential aspirations in ’08.  But, I could could not care less that he made reference to the fecal matter excreted from a bull’s posterior at a police union rally in 1992, not matter how much liberals want to try to stir it up to make something of it.  I’ve seen the video.  Check it out for yourself…

Michelle Malkin offers her insight here.  The American Pundit offers input here.  Keith Burgess offers his views here.

I agree with Michelle and Keith.  There are too many other reasons for me not to support Giuliani, besides using the word bulls**t. 

As for the libs worried about Rudy’s use of this descriptor, they have selective memories.  Their heroes, like Bill Clinton, smoke pot – it counts, even if you “didn’t inhale” – dodge the draft, molest females regularly, etc. and still get put on the Left’s pedestal.  Severe double-standard?  You decide.


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