Shhhhh! Or, else!

by Baron Boddisey

Baron Boddisey at Gates of Vienna offers up a cool PhotoShop image relating to the Dems’ work in killing the John Doe Amendment.  What is the Liberal mantra of the day – “See no evil.  Speak no evil.”?

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis has more.  Check out the full article.

Michelle Malkin offers her take here and had previous commentary on the killing of the John Doe Amendment here.

My prior commentary on it is here and here.


One Response to “Shhhhh! Or, else!”

  1. Tel-Chai Nation Says:

    The Democrats want you to keep silent and not talk

    Michelle Malkin’s got some great looking photoshops showing what the Democrats would really like of America’s citizens, provided by Gates of Vienna, Are We Lumberjacks, and a few others.

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