There once was a pompous a**…

UPDATE:  Michelle Malkin has a post out on this today, along with some samples that she has found.  Lucianne has several submissions too.  HotAir has been busy too with their own.

Feel free to submit your own in the comments on this post or visit the folks listed above to share your limericks.  Have a little fun with Lurch.

Let me take a stab at it:

  • There once was a pompous a** 
  • He marries women for their cash
  • He labors hard for wit
  • But, oft’ looks like a twit
  • And, wonders why no one will give him a pass

There’s my miniscule contribution to the comments.  Now, where are yours?


It seems John Kerry has taken time to open mouth and insert foot, again.  Captain’s Quarters has some insight on it here

if Democrats want to make fun of women & sinnin’, Republicans will have no problem mentioning the husband of their current presidential-primary frontrunner. Bill Clinton’s track record makes Vitter look like a cloistered nun. And although Vitter broke the law, at least none of his paramours ended up dead in the back of a car, unlike Kerry’s colleague in the Senate. Interestingly, that didn’t put Ted Kennedy’s political career in the toilet, although it should have done so.

The Hill had this article on it Friday:

Speaking at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) fundraiser last weekend, Kerry recited a five-line poem about Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), who recently found himself in hot water when his phone number showed up on the records of a woman accused of running a Washington prostitution ring.
Vitter apologized for “a very serious sin.”

Kerry made light of the situation with a limerick when he spoke at the event, which was held, appropriately enough, in Nantucket, Mass.

“There once was a man named Vitter/Who vowed that he wasn’t a quitter/But with stories of women/And all of his sinnin’/He knows his career’s in the — oh, never mind,” Kerry said.

The poem was reported by ABC News on Friday and confirmed to The Hill by a Democratic aide who attended the event.

As The Hill reminds us, Kerry has a propensity to open his pompous yap and insert his foot. 

Late last year, Kerry joked that young people who don’t get an education end up “stuck in Iraq.” He said it was a jab at President Bush, but some saw it as a shot at the intellect of those in the military.

Kerry, the 2004 Democratic nominee for president, was blacklisted on the campaign trail after the remark and hurt his chances at another bid for the White House.

Michelle Malkin had good coverage on Kerry’s slip slamming the functional capacity of our heroes in the military back in 2006.   Michelle also had coverage of our troops in Iraq showing Kerry what a sense of humor looks like, after that confession of his disdain for our troops.  Let’s not forget this really dumb stab at humor on the Bill Maher show in 2006 that Michelle reminds us of again here.

Maybe, if he left that foot shoved in there for more extended periods, he wouldn’t be chalking up so many new gaffes for the records. 

Can you think of any new variations on the poem John Kerry borrowed to taked a stab at Vitter?  Submit them in comments to this article.


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