Alleged Child Rapist Goes Free Because Court Can’t Find Interpreter

UPDATE:  Fox News video available for fewing at HotAir

I ran across this story this morning, while watching Fox & Friends. 

A court-ordered psychiatrist determined that Kanneh, despite his functional facility with English — he originally spoke with detectives in English, The Post reports, needed to have Vai spoken in order to understand the proceedings against him.

Loretta Knight, a clerk with the court system in Montgomery County, Md., said she had been unable to find an interpreter to stay on the case, even after an exhaustive search that included the Liberian Embassy and courts in 47 states. 

Hello?!  Liberia was founded by America.  And, English is the official language there. 

There is more on the story in the Washington Post.

A 7-year-old girl said she had been raped and repeatedly molested over the course of a year. Police in Montgomery County, acting on information from a relative, soon arrested a Liberian immigrant living in Gaithersburg. They marshaled witnesses and DNA evidence to prepare for trial.

Prosecutors cannot refile the charges.  But, they can appeal the Court’s decision to dismiss.  Let us hope that they do.  There is a 7 year old child involved in this matter, along with  an incompetent court clerk.  Amazingly, “…in just one night reporters were independently able to identify three Vai translators available to assist in the case”, reports the Washington Post.  Maybe those reports should campaign to be the court clerk there.  Obviously, if the current clerk couldn’t do it in three years and they can do it in one night, Loretta Knight does not need to be in that job.

Were Mahamu Kanneh – here under asylum – found guilty on the charges against him, deportation proceedings would have likely followed to send him back to his homeland.  So, again, let us hope that the prosecutor does appeal the charges.

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