CNN/YouTube Debate – Gimmick or not?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin, Don Ward and The Hotline weigh in on the CNN/YouTube debates.



The LAT has an article out today on the CNN/YouTube debates for the Democrat contenders tonight. 

First up, the Democratic contenders, Monday night in Charleston, S.C., a TV event moderated by Anderson Cooper. At CNN, they’ve been promoting the night like it’s “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” urging the nation to take a seat at the table — no jacket or tie required — while remaining coy about the process: It took John Roberts, co-host of CNN’s weeklong “CNN/YouTube Debate Preview,” 55 minutes last week to mention that “CNN will be choosing which questions are used.”

He called the selection system a “highly secretive process,” conjuring bylaws too numerous to mention, a Cannes Film Festival-like jury sequestered for fear of tampering 

I vote that it is a gimmick.  CNN is choosing the questions.  How is it going to bring the average American into the event, if CNN culls the questions they don’t like. 

But, if you are interested, go here to submit your question in the form of a video that you create for the Democrats’ presidential debate in Charleston, SC on 7/23/07. 

CNN and YouTube will be doing a similar event for the GOP candidates’ debate in Florida on 9/17/07. 

HotAir has coverage on the debates here.

Michelle Malkin makes mention of the CNN/YouTube debates toward the bottom of this post on the “Now you see it.  Now you don’t.” post about the leftist disdain for out troops at the Daily Kos. 


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