How to Rangel funds for your pet project

According to a NewsMax article, it seems that Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has pushed a $2,000,000 earmark through the House Ways and Mean Committee to serve as seed money for a center in Harlem.  It is to be named after a prominent U.S. congressman.  Care to guess who that would be?  You go it!  Charles Rangel. 

According to the article:

Some lawmakers consider it “unseemly” for Rangel to name a government-supported project after himself, according to the Post.

Rep. John Campbell, R-Ill., said: “I just don’t think it’s right for a member to donate taxpayer money to something with their name on it.”

Duh!  Ya think?!  I bet Charlie doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

Too bad the rest of us can’t push our own funding through the federal government.  Just imagine the good we could do. 

Do you think he would push an earmark through for me for one of my favorite charitable initiatives?  I don’t even have to have my name on it.  Geez!


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