Impeach-a-palooza comes to Washington. Oh yeah – Sheehan too.

The leftist nuts are kicking into full swing to try to bring impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush.  Extensive coverage by Michelle Malkin is here

The unhinged Cindy Sheehan and her cronies will descend upon Washington today.  Her impeachment carnival will begin at Arlington National Cemetary and is planned to end on the doorstep of House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers’ office.  Conyers, like some other Dems are hoping to bring impeachment proceedings against the president.

Will the GOP do something to counter the extremists trying to push the shadow party‘s agenda?  Nancy Pelosi has stated that impeachment is not a consideration.

But she may have trouble reining in the Democrats’ appetite for revenge. There’s already talk of multiple investigations and impeachment of the president.

“No, impeachment is off the table,” she says.

“And that’s a pledge?” Stahl asks.

“Well, it’s a pledge in the – yes, I mean, it’s a pledge. Of course it is. It is a waste of time,” she replies. 

We’ll see if Pelosi has the wherewithall to back the shadow party of the Dems down.  But, make no mistake, they are organized and funded.

Do you think we will hear Cindy Sheehan’s official campaign announcement that she is going to enter the race against Pelosi in ’08?  Tune in next time. 


One Response to “Impeach-a-palooza comes to Washington. Oh yeah – Sheehan too.”

  1. Lisa Moscatiello Says:

    Hey Michelle you forgot about Takoma Park, MD – six miles from from the White House and Congress! Our flag is still here! And our Constitution…for now. Trying our best to keep those three branches separate!


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