Serious Security Questions at Sky Harbor Airport

ABC15 photo 

So, if you’re a terrorist and want to inflict damage at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, pick the 4 1/2 hour window when the TSA employees are gone, according to this news story

It’s what you have to do when you fly – use X-ray machines, metal detectors, and deal with liquid restrictions in your carry-on luggage. You know the drill.

Security checkpoints are just part of travel these days. They’re supposed to keep us safe, so we use them – but not all of us and not all the time.

We’ve discovered a 4.5 hour time frame each night when virtually anything can be brought into the secure side of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. There’s no metal detector, no X-ray machine, and it’s apparently not a problem.

Just another example of the Transportation Safety Administration keeping us safe.  Remember the July 19th post I had on TSA.  Maybe Michelle Malkin wasn’t too far off on the name I got from her and ran as the title of my post then.

Matt Drudge has an update here.  Looks like TSA has placed the Federal Security Director at Sky Harbor on administrative leave and pledges to resume 24 hours security at all checkpoints. 

Wouldn’t that have been the thing to do from the beginning, if you really wanted it to be secure?  But, then again, what do you expect from the federal government.  After all, they are the ones that keep our borders wide open for illegal aliens and terrorists to wander into our country without fear of repercussion. 

Well, heck!  At least they are consistent in all departments, huh?


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