Greta thinks the prosecutor should have found the interpeter?

Greta Van Susteren appeared on the O’Reilly Factor last night to discuss the charges being dropped against accused child molester Mahamu D. Kanneh, who got off without any repercussion for what he did to a 7 year old girl.  Montgomery County Circuit Judge Katherine D. Savage dismissed the charges against the alleged perpetrator, who is here under asylum, because the Court could not find an interpreter. 

Sorry.  I haven’t been able to find the video from the O’Reilly Factor last night or the transcript of it.  If someone happens across it, please send me a link.  I had originally posted on the Kanneh story here.  Michelle Malkin had extensive coverage of the case here and has continuing coverage here.

Greta insinuates that it was the prosecutor’s responsibility to help find an interpreter, as part of the Court.  Now, that is a strange statement for a lawyer like Greta, who should know better. 

Hello, Greta?!  Yes.  The prosecutor is part of the Court.  But, the prosecutor is not the one who should be finding an interpreter for the person they are prosecuting.  Imagine the smack of appeals based on interpreters with a bias for the prosecution that resulted in their convictions, because they were picked by the district attorney’s office.

It may be a good think that Greta is not practicing law any longer.

Historically, and rightly so, interpreters are found either by the defense team, another part of the Court, or the Court Clerk’s office.  The latter is typically how it works.  And, if we remember from articles on this case, the Court has a clerk assigned to locate interpreters where this tragedy took place.  Remember?

Loretta E. Knight, the court clerk responsible for finding interpreters, said her office searched exhaustively for a speaker of Vai. She said court officials contacted the Liberian Embassy and courts in all but three states.

Are they that hard to locate.  No, not really, as the Washington Post found with a few calls.

The Washington Post reported that it identified three Vai interpreters Thursday with help from the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters, including one in Gaithersburg.

Fortunately, the judge’s decision will be appealed.  Unfortunately, I do not think they can use the original charge.  How will they handle it?  I am not sure.  But, there will surely be more developments in this story.


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