Let’s prepare for the next CNN/YouTube debates in Florida

Captain’s Quarters has sent out the call for people to start submitting video questions for the next CNN/YouTube debate for the Republicans in Florida.  That is only a couple of months away, folks.  There was some entertainment value in last night’s Democrat debates, including a snowman asking about global warming.  But, there wasn’t much sustance to the questions, let alone the answers.

So, who is up to CQ’s request “to produce intelligent, cogent YouTube video questions that will produce specific answers from our Republican candidates” for the next debate?

If you are, e-mail the code and a description of the video question you would like to submit to CQ at youtube – at – captainsquartersblog.com.  Maybe we can provide some accountability that CNN/YouTube lacked on airing quality questions in the first one.

Lights.  Camera.  Action!

As a side note, I liked Michelle Malkin‘s update at 9:05pm (EST) when the candidates were asked to name something they like or don’t like about the candidate next to them.

John Edwards doesn’t like Hillary’s jacket. Way to look presidential, Johnny.

Joe Biden likes Dennis Kucinich’s wife. And I don’t think he’s joking.

Dennis notes that there was no one put to the left of him. Anderson cracks that that isn’t possible.

The GOP needs to embrace this opportunity to reach out to some of the voting populace not attracted by the conventional debate format and not be so resistant to change.  It is going to make them look stagnated, if they ignore how the times are a changin’.


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