Is State Senator Jamie Woodson “pro-choice”?

UPDATE:  Sen. Woodson has indicated that it was an oversight on the part of her office that this press release was included in her weekly newsletter and has stated that she remains “totally committed to the Pro-Life/Right to Life cause.” (italics added)

I knew this sounded out of character for the conservative state senator from Knoxville, based on past knowledge and conversation.


Sen. Jamie Woodson (R-Knoxville) 

That may be a good question.  The following is a press release by the Women’s Campaign Forum found in the latter half of the senator’s newsletter, the Woodson Weekly:

Nominate a woman to run

Source: From: Ilana Goldman, Women’s Campaign Forum
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 2:36 PM

Yesterday we asked you to help to close the gender gap in politics by helping Women’s Campaign Forum get more women on the ballot in the first place.

If you haven’t taken a minute or two to nominate the great, pro-choice women in your life to run for office, now’s your chance: <>
The She Should Run campaign is about finding the extraordinary women we all already know and encouraging them to use their talent, ambition, and skills toward the public good by running for office.

Think about your lawyer, your accountant, your best friend, your favorite college professor, your next door neighbor.

Who is that one woman in your life who should run?

For now, we just need her name.  We’ll follow up with you in the coming days to find out what makes your nominee so great.

Thank you for your help.
Ilana Goldman
Women’s Campaign Forum

A visit to the About WCF page on their website clearly outlines that this organization’s agenda is to recruit candidates that are “pro-choice” and support “reproductive rights“.

Someone tell me if I missed something.  I never knew that Sen. Jamie Woodson, formerly Sen. Jamie Hagood, was pro-abortion.  

As far as I knew, she was socially conservative.  But, the inclusion of this WCF press release in her newsletter and the fact that the front page of the WCF site has a feature image for a video with Hillary Clinton on it has me wondering:


Has something happened to change Jamie these years in Nashville?

If this is true, I guess Sen. Woodson is not a member of the Tennessee Right to Life and certainly isn’t sporting one of their promotional plates on the front of her vehicle.

TNRTL front license plate


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