John Doe lives! Remember those that saved it AND those that tried to kill it.

UPDATE: Power Line has a post about an article by Audrey Hudson at the Washington Post that the John Doe amendment will be a floor vote in the House and Senate from an agreement reached last night.   

The provision survived a contentious congressional process before a House-Senate conference committee agreed just before midnight yesterday to include the measure in the final draft of the September 11 Commission bill.

The move ensures the provision cannot be amended on the floor. It is expected to come to a vote in both houses of Congress before the August recess.

If passed, the measure will nullify, in part, a lawsuit filed by six imams against U.S. Airways and unnamed “John Doe” passengers. The legislation was initiated after the imams filed the lawsuit in March claiming that passengers and the airline violated their civil rights by removing them from the flight.

Now, the airline can still be sued.  But, the passengers that reported the suspicious acitivity to the flight crew cannot. 

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-OH) stated, “I’m pleased that Democratic leaders finally decided to do the right thing and agreed with Republicans that we should be encouraging Americans to report potential terrorist activity to the proper authorities.”  


Boehner also added, “This much-needed measure is critical in the effort to confront the significant threats posed by al Qaeda and other terrorists and protect the American people.”

Any right-thinking person would surely agree.


As it stands now, the John Doe amendment is alive and kicking, after being incorporated into the homeland security conference report yesterday. 

After nearly a week of intense, behind-the-scenes wrangling, congressional negotiators late Tuesday agreed to include in the pending Sept. 11 security bill sweeping liability protections for citizens who report suspicious activity they fear might be linked to terrorism.

Don’t forget the folks that voted last week to kill the amendment and do away with the protections for American citizens that come forward to report suspicious activity.  Check out the list at Michelle Malkin’s blog.

Score one for the good guys, at least for now.  The Libs and CAIR have been turned back for the time being.  But, as Michelle Malkin notes, “Now, stay vigilant.”  

Yes!  By all means keep your guard up, for potential terrorits and our elected officials caving to CAIR and others with questionable motive.

Others posting on this topic: Michelle Malkin, One Jerusalem Blog


2 Responses to “John Doe lives! Remember those that saved it AND those that tried to kill it.”

  1. 123beta Says:

    John Doe Lives

    Dems lose another one… Thank God.
    Story here …

  2. CAIR Action Alert: Giuliani recognizes that there is “Islamic terrorism” « Volunteer Opinion Journal Says:

    […] after Rudy.  Considering this is the same group with whom the Liberals were conspiring to kill the John Doe amendment to protect concerned citizens from frivolous lawsuits for reporting suspicious activity that could […]

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