Ronca says he is a “staunch Republican” but evidence not yet found.

Power Line notes today that Jennifer Hunter has another column up at the Sun Times reprinting a letter from Jim Ronca on his staunchness.  There seems to be a lot missing in his letter.  He doesn’t sound like a “staunch Republican” or like someone who has ever been such.  I posted on the first Jennifer Hunter article citing Ronca as a “staunch Republican” several days ago and even listed the contributions to other “staunch Republicans”, like Teddy Kennedy, to whom Ronca has made donations.  Conservative?  I think not, Jim and Jennifer.

I posted here about journalist having their own version of “the truth”, as Penelope Trunk told us at the HuffingtonPost.  Maybe that is what is up with Hunter – We just don’t appreciate her version of “the truth”?  Does it help any that she is married to the publisher of the Sun-Times?

Might that lend credence to the recent Rasmussen report indicating that the mainstream media has a bias, that I posted on here

In the final poll of a series measuring perceptions of media bias, the Associated Press, local television stations, MSNBC, and CNBC are all perceived as tilting to the left when reporting the news.

Earlier releases showed that Americans tend to believe the major broadcast networks, CNN, and NPR have a liberal bias. Fox News is seen as having a bias in the other direction. In print, the New York Times, Washington Post, and local newspapers were also seen as having a liberal bias

Hmmmm?  Maybe.

Interesting “case study” at The American Thinker.

Others posting on this: Michelle Malkin, Power Line, Political Napalm, The Blog, Bill’s Bites, Crush Liberalism,


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