“Sacred trust” in sports but not politics

NBA Commissioner David Stern speaks of a sacred trust that was violated by Tim Donaghy, a referee recently alleged to be shaving points on basketball games on which he was betting, while refereeing them too.  Stern implies that officials entrusted with such a position of responsibility should have integrity, which qualifies them for the “sacred trust” to which he alludes.  And, I agree with him on this point but I would take it even past basketball.

Why can’t we have integrity in our system of government.  Why shouldn’t our elected officials and others appointed to positions of significance, like Hillary ClintonDavid Vitter, Bill Clinton, Scooter Libby, William Jefferson and Mark Foley be held to a high level of integrity?  Is there not a “sacred trust” for them? 

What about people like Sandy Berger?  Did his “sacred trust” dissipate, when the administration he served left office?

Why is it that we expect sports official, players and such to demonstrate a high level of integrity for a “sacred trust” bestowed up on them, when our people in government don’t?

All partison alignments aside, can someone answer that for me, please?  I don’t want to hear the Left’s or the Right’s apologetics.  I want to know why we can’t have integrity and accountablity for the “sacred trust” that we should from our people in power.  Are we just supposed to give them a pass?


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