CAIR Action Alert: Giuliani recognizes that there is “Islamic terrorism”

Michelle Malkin has a post up today that CAIR has issued an “Action Alert” against Rudy Giuliani for uttering the phrase “Islamic terrorism”.  

Action Alerts
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Action: Contact the Giuliani Presidential Committee

GIULIANI TO DEMS: USE THE WORDS ‘ISLAMIC TERRORISTS’Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani took Democratic White House hopefuls to task Monday for being soft on terrorists and hard on capitalism.Speaking to an invited audience of about 100 local GOP members, the former New York mayor said he was concerned that if a Democrat wins the White House the nation would take a defensive stance in “the war on terror” and become more vulnerable to a domestic attack.

“At no time during their three debates have they used the words ‘Islamic terrorists,'” Giuliani said of the Democratic contenders who as he spoke were debating at The Citadel military college in South Carolina. “If they do tonight, I will take credit for it.”


CONTACT the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee to express your concerns about his promotion of linking the faith of Islam to terrorism.

CONTACT: (As always, be POLITE.)

Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee
295 Greenwich St, #371, New York, NY 10007
Tel: 212-835-9449, 646-943-7890


Oh, horrors!  CAIR is after Rudy.  Considering this is the same group with whom the Liberals were conspiring to kill the John Doe amendment to protect concerned citizens from frivolous lawsuits for reporting suspicious activity that could prevent a terrorist act on our soil, I agree with Michelle.  Rudy should wear it as a “badge of honor.” 

Heck!  Rudy should brag about it on his campaign website.  Tell the Giuliani camp at

Speaking to patrons at a Riverside coffee bar Tuesday, Giuliani hammered his terrorism message:

Speaking to patrons at a Riverside coffee bar Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani drove home his message that terrorism remains the “single biggest threat” to the United States. 

“The Democrats did not say one word as far as terrorism goes,” Giuliani told a crowd of about 120. “It’s the single biggest threat to this country, and I’m worried about the whole process of Democrats being in denial about Islamic terrorism.”

Little Green Footballs reminds us of Giuliani’s refusal to accept money from Saudi Arabi, following the 9/11 attacks. 

The Council on American Islamic Relations, the Saudi-funded radical Islamic front group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding trial, has put out one of their infamous “Action Alerts” on Rudy Giuliani—because he used the words “Islamic terrorism:” Action: Contact the Giuliani Presidential Committee(Read more…)

Others posting on this subject: Atlas Shrugs, Israel Forum, The Stump, Solomonia, USS Neverdock, Buzz Tracker


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