Michelle Malkin, purveyor of “hate speech”? Hmmm? I think not.

Does Glenn Greenwald really take his own accusation seriously that Michelle Malkin is a purveyor of “hate speech”?  Come on, Glenn.  Even if Michelle were such an outlet of odious oratories, your finger pointing is surely a case of the pot calling the kettle black.  Don’t ya think?

I think Rick Moran does a great job moderating the comments on MichelleMalkin.com to weed out anything that might be overtly offensive to the blog’s readers.  Michelle’s terms of use are very explicit on what will and will not be allowed.  And, I have not noticed any questionable deviation from those terms in my reading.

Now, were one to click over and read some of the vile commentary at the Daily Kos and blogs of similar political leanings, the feedback can get pretty rank, not to mention some of the posts on a few of the blogs.

I regularly have to cull lewd and impertinent comments from my blog.  I have no issue with someone disagreeing with me on an issue and voicing such.  But, I do expect it to be done in a reasonable and suitable method.  We should just agree to disagree in a mature fashion.

All this said and done, keep up the good work, Michelle.  Your “hate speech” can’t hold a candle to the other vile rhetoric spewed about the blogs and other venues of the internet.

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One Response to “Michelle Malkin, purveyor of “hate speech”? Hmmm? I think not.”

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