Chuck Schumer comes clean: He is “duped” and “hoodwinked” easily.

H/T, Michelle Malkin.

Schumer goes on the record as a “dupe“, according to this Reuters article by Thomas Ferraro in the Washington Post. 

“Were we duped?” he asked.

“Were we too easily impressed by the charm of nominee Roberts and the erudition of nominee Alito?” Schumer asked. “Did we mistakenly vote our hopes when our fears were more than justified by the ultraconservative records of these two men?”

“Yes,” he said.

Hmmm?  A “dupe” can be defined as “an easily deceived person.”  I am not disputing Schumer’s duplicability. 

But, I am just more inclined to look at his position as a “dupe” from his beholdeness to the liberal nutballs to whom he caters.  That definition would be as “a person who functions as the tool of another person or power.”  So, yep, Chaz is a “dupe” in more than one way.

Paul Kane at the Washington Post has more on one of Schumer’s self-defined “greatest failings“.

declared that his decision not to lead a successful filibuster in January 2006 of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s nomination was one of his “greatest failings” as a senator.

In an address to liberal legal scholars of the American Constitution Society, Schumer said that after watching the work of the newly constructed “Roberts court” the past 18 months, he would block any future Supreme Court nominee of President Bush’s should a vacancy arise between now and January 2009.

Schumer’s address covered his views on the confirmation processes for Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts. Conservatives have hailed Roberts and Alito for their rulings and generally have said that their confirmations may prove to be the single lasting legacy of President Bush’s second term.

But Schumer and liberals were alarmed by many of the 5-4 rulings that went against their interests, as well as the strong denunciations of the right wing of the court by the elderly liberal wing in its dissents. The Roberts court overturned previous rulings on partial birth abortion and campaign finance reform.

Now, as for Chaz having been “hoodwinked“, Chaz and company in the Senate do sort of remind me of the animated satirical movie by the same name.  Which character do you think is Chaz?


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