“Dems urged to develop image”

Democrat symbol

Richard Locker of the Commercial Appeal in Memphis has an article on recommendations for the Democraty “party needs to appeal to centrists, connect better”.

Democrats have allowed Republicans to “brand” them for too long and need to develop their own coherent story for their party and what it stands for, an Emory University psychology professor told the nation’s leading organization of centrist Democrats here Sunday.

Drew Westen, author of the just-published book “The Political Brain: The Role of Emotions in Deciding the Fate of the Nation,” said the GOP has successfully established in the minds of voters a series of negative associations with the word “liberal” — “liberal elite,” “big government,” “tax and spend” and “godless atheism” to name a few.

He spoke to about 350 Democrats from across the U.S. — many of them local and state elected officials — on the opening day of the Democratic Leadership Council’s 2007 annual conference at Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort. The DLC is the 20-year-old organization of moderate to conservative Democrats that has tried to push Democrats more toward the center of the political spectrum.

It was a message that echoed throughout a series of workshops Sunday and will again today as the conference concludes. Gov. Phil Bredesen told reporters that he plans to tell the DLC today that the national party “has got to establish some kind of new benchmarks and some new values” if it wants to win elections.

“Just playing on and hoping that the failures of the Republicans will be enough to put them (Democrats) in office is a losing strategy,” he said.  read more…

Maybe Hillary is ahead of the game.  She told everyone in the CNN/YouTube debates that she was was a “progressive” and not liberal.  Now, we both know that is about six of one and a half-dozen of the other.  But, I am sure it sounded good to her at the time, as she was banking on a low intelligence quotient in the viewing audience.

So, now, they will look for more ways to mask their true selves, like trying to make their stance on issues like abortion look different.  How do they talk out of both sides of their mouthes at the same time?


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