Oh, give me a home…with a fence…where the illegals don’t roam

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

The Washington Times reports that Mexico wants us to alter our border plans. (emphasis mine)

Mexico is calling on the United States to alter a plan to expand border fences designed to stem illegal immigration, saying the barriers would threaten migratory species accustomed to roaming freely across the frontier.

Ways to minimize environmental damage from the fences could include the creation of cross-border bridge areas so that ecosystems remain connected and “green corridors” of wilderness without roads that would be less attractive to smugglers, according to a report released yesterday and prepared for the Mexican government by experts and activists from both nations.

The report also proposed “live” fences of cactuses, removable fencing, and more permeable barriers to allow water, insects and pollen to cross the border. read more…

Hmmm?  Let’s think about this… 

To what “migratory species” do you think they are referring?  Now, don’t be so cynical – it can’t be migrating illegal aliens they want “roaming freely.

Why would be build a fence, if we are going to put intentional gaps in it, like “cross-border bridge areas”?  I suppose every alien has to have a convenient place to cross. 

Why would we bother wasting our time to build immovable fencing that might stop illegal border crossings, when we could build “removable fencing” that would just slow illegals down, while they moved it?

Why would we build “more permeable barriers”?  The inclination to permeate our border is already available.  They only thing probably not getting through it is wildlife.

The Washington Times reports that at least there are some in the GOP concerned with border security.

State Republican officials from across the country on Thursday will formally break with the desire of President Bush and other top Republican leaders to include amnesty and other benefits for illegal aliens in immigration-reform legislation.

So far, 47 members of the 168-member Republican National Committee have signed a resolution that unequivocally opposes the Bush-backed policy that would grant legal residency to millions of illegal aliens.

“My signing on to this resolution simply reflects the fact that we in the party around the country fear — and feel that no one in Washington is listening to, or cares about, what we feel about issues and policy,” said Terry Strine, chairman of the Delaware Republican Party. “This lets them know.”   read more…

What did Mel Martinez have to say about it?  Nothing.  At least not anything he was willing to go on the record with from reading Michelle’s blog.

Is it just me or do you get the feeling that Vincente and GWB has been on the phone plotting this whole “green corridors” scheme?  Maybe I am just being paranoid.  Then again, maybe not.


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