“Shooting Michael Moore” – No. Not like that…

I saw a segment on Hannity’s America last night on the Fox News Channel with Kevin Leffler, a left-of-center person who noted that the first person he ever voted for in a presidential election was Jimmy Carter and the most recent one he voted for was John Kerry.  Well, that should confirm his credentials as left-leaning.

Mark Leffler via Q&A

He was on Sean’s show to talk about his new project “Shooting Michael Moore“, a video detailing the real Michael Moore, not what he has tried to portray to the world.

via ShootMichaelMoore.com 

Some of ironic things brought to light by Kevin Leffler was how a review of his non-profit’s public records show him owning stock in some of the evil coporate America names, like Halliburton.  You know Michael hated for tidbits like that to come out.  But, even a pompous self-absorbed blowbag like Moore has to invest his wealth, right?

Anyhow, here is a teaser from “Shooting Michael Moore” for your viewing enjoyment…

It was also interesting to learn last night of Mike firing a preganent lady two weeks before Christmas and then getting mad, when she had the audacity to file for unemployment, because it would cost him money. 

Does Kevin Leffler know what he is talking about?  It would seem so.  Not only did they grow up together, as Leffler explained, they also worked together.  Now, Leffler does note that the Michael Moore of today is not the Michael Moore with whom he grew up.

Leffler was also on C-Span  several days ago doing a segment on Shooting Michael Moore, which has caught the ire of the Leftosphere nutroots.   You can buy a copy of that C-Span interview online, if you want to see what has them so torn up or just click on the earlier link to read the transcript of the interview. 

It seems that C-Span, for some mysterious reason, has killed the link to the video they had of it.  Hmmm?  But, you can also order audio of it at Audible.

Of course, some at the Democratic Underground think they smell a conspiracy by corporate America

Daily Kos diarists try to write it off as peer envy

Pamela Meister enlightens readers about Moore and “How to Defame America for Fun and Profit – Hollywood Style”.

Michael Moore is an opportunistic hypocrite. But you may have known that already.

Kevin Leffler knows it too, and he’s gone ahead and made a documentary about it. While “Shooting Michael Moore” still awaits a distributor, you can see the trailer on the film’s official website. You can also see Leffler’s interview online with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN’s “Q & A” program, which includes plenty of clips from the film. (There is also a transcript available for reading.)   

Leffler differs from many of Moore’s other critics in that he not only grew up in the same Flint, Michigan suburb (Davison) where Moore did, but he actually knew Moore – and liked him at the time. They attended the same church, went to high school together, and worked side by side on a youth phone-in helpline called the Davison Hotline for two years. Leffler also differs from some in that he is not a conservative whose very skin crawls at the name “Michael Moore,” but a card-carrying Democrat who is not a supporter of George W. Bush or his policies in any way, shape or form.

Yet it is Moore’s talent for bending and twisting the truth, as well as his tendency to “screw over” little people as he climbs his way to the top of whatever heap he’s scaling, that prompted Leffler to make this film, which he financed himself. Let’s not forget Moore’s tendency for denigrating corporate America while owning stock himself such large corporations as Halliburton and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. [cue cheesy announcer’s voice] “And that’s not all!” There is the (unsubstantiated) rumor that Osama bin Laden himself watched a pirated DVD of the film that cemented Moore’s international fame, “Fahrenheit 9/11.” As Leffler says in the interview with Lamb:

[T]he fact that Osama bin Laden was using Mike’s ”Fahrenheit 9/11” movie to me was, you know, that bothered me, I – that is like I think whether you’re Democrat, Republican, independent, whatever, Osama bin Laden is not the U.S.’s friend, period, I mean there’s just not. And the fact that someone like that is using ”Fahrenheit 9/11” or any particular piece of information, and really against us, that bothered me, that sort of approach got to me.

That approach got to many of us.

It would be interesting to know if some of the other offerings from Hollywood bother Leffler as much as Moore’s movie – because for decades now, Hollywood has been doing its level best to show America in the worst possible light imaginable. Movies such as “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Syriana,” “Wall Street,” “Three Kings” and “American Beauty” are all excellent examples. “Syriana” and “Wall Street” are Hollywood’s proof that corporate America is evil and corrupt. “Born on the Fourth of July” and “Three Kings” indicate that soldiers are either screwed over by the military in which they serve or are corrupted by it. And in “American Beauty,” we see the poor, damned souls who live in that most malevolent of all environments – suburbia. These are just a few examples; there are many more.

But you may be thinking that Hollywood has a long history of showcasing certain unsavory elements of American culture. This is true. After all, don’t artistic types traditionally buck the system? Consider the gangster movies that were popular during the 1940s, or films like “Rebel Without a Cause” starring James Dean in 1955. These movies definitely focused on certain dark elements of our society. And I’m certainly not suggesting that Hollywood be forced to sugarcoat each and every aspect of American life. Yet it seems that since the late 1960s and early 1970s, Tinseltown has crept further and further toward the left, with movies that are overly critical of America becoming more and more prevalent. Part of it lies with the political persuasion of those who make and star in such films. Hollywood is a hotbed of liberalism – just look at how they’re flocking to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The other major part, I suspect, lies in the profitability of these movies.    read more… 

As for Michael Moore, he seems to be unavailable for comment at the moment.  Maybe he will check in with everyone soon.

Eric Flack doesn’t mind telling how “Michael Moore’s Hometown Feels Betrayed, Scorned”.

Human Events has an article on Leffler’s documentary.

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One Response to ““Shooting Michael Moore” – No. Not like that…”

  1. NeoconNews.com Says:

    I always love it when a tidbit comes out to expose Moore for the fraud that he is. Of course, you do have to give him props for his abilities as a showman. His arguments are repeated verbatim from the left these days, so checking out his propaganda is a must for anyone who doesn’t just preach to the choir. I’d suggest skimming his books at Barnes & Noble since you’re certainly not going to purchase them. Sure, you can just browse the sites that refute him, but some of the stuff is best seen in person to be believed (or rather observed).

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