Blue light special on visas at the United Nations… Cleanup on aisle America.

United Nations logo 

I would seem that U.S. authorities arrested a U.N. staffer for visa fraud. *gasp*  Could it be?!  (via NewsMax)

 NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. authorities arrested a U.N. translator on suspicion of visa fraud on Monday, accusing him of using U.N. letterhead to bring foreigners into the United States for nonexistent conferences.

Vyacheslav Manokhin, a Russian translator of documents at the New York headquarters, was arrested on Monday along with Vladimir Derevianko, who is accused of scheming with Manokhin to prepare false documents submitted to U.S. immigration officials, federal prosecutors said.   more…

There’s more to the story.  Make sure to read it all.  Do you think this will show up in the UN press releases?

At least the U.N. has waived Manokhin’s diplomatic immunity.

I agree with Michelle Malkin: “Sure would like to know who those visas went to, which countries they came from, and where they are now.”

So, what is the U.N. actually doing for us? 

 Useless Nations via CafePress

That about sums it up.


Others posting on the visas-for-money scheme:  Statesman Journal / Israel Forum / Bloodthirsty Liberal / Freedom’s Zone / ImmigrationProf / Right Truth / Claudia Rosett / American Pundit / Border Line / Pajamas Media / Bill’s Bites /


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