Guess what I didn’t learn in school today.

50 Rules Kids Won't Learn In School

Charles J. Sykes, author of Dumbing Down Our Kids and A Nation of Victims, has penned a new tome on the declining end-product of our public education system and the outcomes of the self-esteem movement titled 50 Rules Kids Won’t Learn in School, with some real world antidotes to feel-good education. 


Sykes has a website you may like to visit to learn more about this new book, look over his bio, read his blog, schedule an appearance or find out more about his other books

I really liked some of the responses from Sykes’ Q&A on the media page of his site.

The 50 Rules aren’t just helpful for kids and their parents, but for future employers of kids expecting gold stars and self esteem boosts. What are the side effects US corporations are experiencing at the hands of a generation that expects to be promoted to Vice President after 6 months?

If you’ve gotten gold stars and happy faces your whole life, the workplace is going to be kind of a shock: an entitled, spoiled generation of kids who feel very good about themselves meets a job where something is actually expected of them. We’re actually seeing an epidemic of grads who are having a tough time making the transition to the work world. Employers are having to cope with a generation that often lacks basic skills but also expects their bosses to be as accommodating as mommy and daddy. The kids want it all and they want it now; and they are not always willing to make the sacrifices that requires. And why should they? They never had to before.

Who is to blame for all of this? Schools? Society? Kids? Or Parents?

All of the above.

Michelle Malkin has a sampling of some of Sykes’ list of 50, as well as some additional rules her readers have submitted in the comments. 

It looks to be an intriguing read, along similar lines with Children At Risk by James Dobson and Gary Bauer, which I found to be a most insightful read that kept me turning the pages.

Children At Risk by Dr. James Dobson and Gary L. Bauer

I guess it’s time to break out the ol’ card and order a copy online.

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