Sharratt cleared. Murtha,…well,..silent, for once.

Much to Rep. John Murtha’s (D-PA) chagrin, I’m pretty sure, Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt has been cleared on the three (3) counts of unpremeditated murder for which he had been wrongly accussed two years ago.

Sharratt during Falluja deployment (Photo by Lucian Read)

A month ago, as Michelle Malkin reported, an eighteen page report recommended that charges against Sharratt be dropped.  And, now it is official, with the the written ruling of Lt. General James Mattis.

Murder charges against a US Marine accused of killing three Iraqi civilians during an alleged massacre in Haditha two years ago have been dropped, the military said on Thursday. A statement released by the Marines at their Camp Pendleton base in southern California revealed that three charges of unpremeditated murder against Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt had been withdrawn.The decision was announced in a written ruling from the commander Lieutenant General James Mattis and followed a recommendation from an investigator last month that the charges should be dropped.“An independent Article 32 investigating officer has considered all the facts and determined that the evidence does not support a referral to court-martial for Lance Corporal Sharratt,” Mattis wrote.“Based on my review of all the evidence in this case and considering the recommendation of the Article 32 officer, I have dismissed the charges.”

Sharratt was accused of shooting three Iraqi men execution-style in what prosecutors alleged was part of a rampage that left 24 civilians dead following the death of a Marine in a roadside bomb in November 2005.

Sharratt said the men were shot at close quarters as Marines cleared a house where insurgents were believed to be operating.

In a statement recommending the charges be dropped released last month, investigator Lieutenant Colonel Paul Ware said the prosecution charges were “unsupported by the independent evidence.”

“To believe the government version of facts is to disregard clear and convincing evidence to the contrary,” Ware added.

The Haditha killings are the most serious allegations of war crimes against US soldiers in Iraq.

Eight Marines were initially charged in connection with the case — four with murder and four officers with failing to properly investigate the incident.

Sharratt is the second Marine to have murder charges dropped after allegations against Sergeant Sanick DeLa Cruz were withdrawn in April.

Charges were dropped against Sgt. Sanick de la Cruz almost a month ago.

Crotchety Old Bastard has an only just sardonic response from Rep. Murtha. 

Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA)

I think it’s probably still too late for that apology from John Murtha and he should be censured.  Will it happen?  Hmmm?  I’m not holding my breath.

Black Five ruminates on how long it will take the congressman to eat crow and offer something that resembles an heartfelt apology.

Clear and convincing evidence to the contrary, eh? I wonder how that ties in with Murtha’s cold-blooded killers theory. I assume sweeping apologies will be forthcoming from the lummox.

I wouldn’t hold my breath too long waiting on that to be too forthcoming either, Jimbo, if ever.  But, if you want to prove me wrong Congressman, please feel free to make a speedy and full apology to these Marines that you wrongly helped try to convict in the court of public opinion.  We’re waiting and America is watching, hopefully including constituents in your district of PA.

Darryl, Theresa and Jaclyn Sharratt

Pundit Review Radio interviewed Sharratt’s father twice.  You can find those here and here.

Stop by Lance Corporal Sharratt’s website.

Jaclyn, Justin, Darryl & Theresa in happier times

Now, all this said and done, how do these Marines go about getting their lives and careers back, after being falsely accused and convicted by the Lefties, before the facts were in?  It is still a tragedy of sorts, just not as bad as it could have been.  Maybe the Left has some ideas to offer on how to right the wrongs against Sharratt and his fellow Marines?


UPDATE:  Free Republic has a posted message from Darryl Sharratt. 


UPDATE:  Murtha’s response to the Haditha Marines’ dismissal of charges for which the Congressman had already convicted them.


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