Henry Reynolds and his ill-conceived smear of Fred Thompson

Captain Ed has been all over the recent smear tactic attempt against Fred Thompson by Henry Reynolds, Esq. in California. 

It seems to have all started with a website designed to confuse people looking to find Fred Thompson’s official website for his non-official campaign, www.imwithfred.com

Fred Thompson

 It seems Mr. Reynolds registered a domain of www.imwithfred2008.com which, when originally reported on, had links to the KKK and other things.

Once the backlash started, Mr. Henry apparently got made and started modifying the site’s content, all of which is detailed by Captain’s Quarters through extensive updates, including cached pages of the original content. 

The first step was a change in domain registration from his name to a proxy service in another state.  Too bad Captain Ed cached the original page, huh, Henry?

The second step was to reroute his site to the John Edwards campaign’s site

John EdwardsJohn Edwards 

Talk about identity crisis.  Is he for Fred or John?  If that isn’t confusing enough,…

The third transformation of the site had something to do with grotesque sex act.  Thankfully, Captain Ed spared us a cache of that instance.  But, it seems to have something to do with a liking for goats, from what I can gather. 


Henry is starting to sound like an interesting sort, huh?  But, wait!

Presto!  Chango!  And, Tada!

The fourth time around, it links to a Wikipedia entry on Frederic Jameson, a Marxist literary critic. 

Frederic Jameson via Wikipedia 

Jameson might be one of Henry’s idols but I’m not sure.

Captain Ed has also found, with just a little research, that Henry has a history of donating to Democrat and left-wing initiatives, including John Kerry, MoveOn.org and the DNC.  No word yet, if they will give that back. 

Some liberals, as evidenced by the post at Middle Earth Journal, are upset over the tactics employed by Henry Reynolds.   And, I, like Captain Ed, almost fell over laughing at some of the stuff that Jazz and Ron had in their musings on Henry’s escapades.

As I noted in Ed’s comments section, there is more information to be gathered before anyone can be absolutely sure of what’s going on here. I mean, it’s certainly possible that Henry is actually a gay member of the KKK with a life partner named Fred who will celebrate their anniversary in 2008, but somehow it seems to lack the ring of truth.

Henry Reynolds’ real webpage, at least the one he has openly put his name upon, is located here for his law firm.  Now, there is the kind of attorney you want representing you, huh?  How much e-mail do you suspect he has gotten at his law firm over this debacle, so far?

Captain, you have done a fine job of exposing this adolescent act of Henry Reynolds for all to see.  I just can’t believe he kept making it so interesting by doing the subsequent stupid things to add fuel to the fire. 

Why did Henry Reynolds decide to do this to begin with?  You guess is as good as mine.  What did he accomplish?  Well, he has made himself look like some sort of idiot to begin with.  Second, he garnered a lot of attention for Fred Thompson that he otherwise might not have had.

Will the DNC and MoveOn.org be sending Henry’s donations back to him?  Who knows?  But, I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting on it to happen.

Can we file this away under ‘stupid political stunts’?  I think so.


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