We would like Rep. Murtha’s response on Justin Sharratt…*CLICK*

via BootMurtha.com

Still no response from Rep. John Murtha on his rush to judgement of Justin Sharratt and the other Haditha Marines.  I knew we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting on him to step forward and admit the error of his ways acting as judge, jury and executioner. 

Bryan Preston with HotAir tried to get in touch with John Murtha to get his reaction to the dismissal of charges against Sharratt and his fellow Marines, only for Murtha’s office to hang up on him.  Listen to the call on HotAir.

Michelle Malkin is still looking for Murtha to show himself and offer an apology too.  My advice still stands: Don’t hold your breath.


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2 Responses to “We would like Rep. Murtha’s response on Justin Sharratt…*CLICK*”

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