Is Hillary’s cleavage really news?

via The Washington Post

Come one, folks.  Is it really news that Hillary Clinton has breasts?  Robyn Givhan at the Washington Post seems to think so.

Now, if the story were broken that she had male genitalia, that might be news. 

Anyhow, Ann Althouse muses some more on Hillary and cleavage, if you’re up to it. (no pun intended…well, maybe a little)

WaPo is even blogging on Hillary’s bosom.  The recent Hillary Clinton fundraising letter is right in that it is “grossly inappropriate.”  It was so gross to me that the one photo of Hillary Clinton and her cleavage was enough to leave my lunch feeling less-than-settled. 

Anyone have a Tums?  Anyone?

Let’s get back to real news.  Let’s hear about Hillary’s socialist healthcare or her more recent venture for billions of dollars to have the government bail out homeowners who over-extend themselves with a socialist housing plan.  Let’s hear about what Hillary is hiding.  Let’s hear about her groveling to the leftwing nutroots and getting booed at the YearlyKos. 

There are too many boobs in government to worry about writing on Hillary’s cleavage or any other candidate’s.  There goes my lunch again.  I may never get these disturbing visions of Hillary and her cleavage out of my mind.  Thanks, guys. :-/


One Response to “Is Hillary’s cleavage really news?”

  1. Lance Todley Says:

    Yes, all cleavage is news. It’s not the person, it’s the cleavage.

    It’s the cleavage, stupid!” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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