Edwards’ wife fights for his candidacy. Why can’t he?

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards takes a “swipe at Hillary” and calls Obama to task on his “holier than thou” attitude, according to NewsMax.

Elizabeth Edwards Takes Swipe at Hillary 

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic candidate John Edwards, lambastes his rival Barack Obama as “holier than thou” on the Iraq war and accuses Hillary Rodham Clinton of failing to show leadership on health care and Iraq.

As her husband trails Clinton and Obama in national polls, Elizabeth Edwards has been an outspoken critic of his opponents. Last month, she said her husband would be a better champion for women as president than Clinton and more recently said, “We can’t make John black, we can’t make him a woman. Those things get you a lot of press, worth a certain amount of fundraising dollars.”

In an interview published in the August issue of The Progressive magazine, Elizabeth Edwards complained about Obama, who opposed the war when he was a state legislator in Illinois and later as a Senate candidate but has since voted for funds for the military.   more…

I guess the “silk pony”, as Michelle Malkin affectionately calls him, needed to bring out the muscle, since he is too busy with his hypocrisy on taking money, predatory lending and, possibly, conspiring with Henry Reynolds on a smear campaign against an unnanounced Republican candidate. 

Can’t you fight for yourself, John. 

John Edwards via voccaquan.com 

I bet, if he asks, Liz might show him how to stand up for himself, without mussing his mane too much.

Meanwhile, John will keep up with the focus of his campaign from the beginning,…


…himself.  No wonder Liz is having to do the fighting. 


One Response to “Edwards’ wife fights for his candidacy. Why can’t he?”

  1. A diss or not a diss? That is the question. « Volunteer Opinion Journal Says:

    […] Interestingly, I was listening to The Hallerin Hilton Hill Show this morning on WNOX, I believe it was, and it was mentioned that Barack Obama appeals to young Americans.  It was also noted that young Americans don’t tend to vote.  That could explain some of his slump in the race, so far.  John Edwards, well he is a walking contradiction with the platform on which he is trying to run as a champion of the downtrodden with his expensive haircuts, a mansion for a home, etc.  That could explain his slump.  That may also explain why his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, is fighting for his candidacy. […]

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