Storing up the anti-life agenda

Manhattan Storage Company billboared via 

H/T to Michelle Malkin

I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one that noticed the coat hanger in the Manhattan Mini Storage billboard advertisement promoting abortion.

These Leftnuts already have murder-on-demand with abortion legalized in the U.S., with our tax dollars even paying for it, and they still want to insinuate that someone is forced to use a coat hanger?

Ironically, when I clicked over to Reuters‘ story on the billboard campaign, I found an advertisement for an adoption agency.  

Ads by Google

Wonderful Families Waiting To Adopt All Expenses Paid, Open 24/7

I wonder what Manhattan Mini-Storage and their parent company, Edison Properties, think of that.

Bill Donohue with the Catholic Leauge makes a worthwhile observation about the hypocrisy of this crude advertisement in an article by LifeNews.

Those who like this billboard would no doubt be aghast at the sight of a billboard that featured a bloody baby who survived a botched abortion,” Donohue explained. “They would be even more incensed if the picture were accompanied by the remark, ‘This is what happens when abortion fails.'”

Let Manhattan Mini Storage know what you think about their advertisement strategy:


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