The MSM scorecard

Randall Hoven at The American Thinker has begun “a scorecard to keep track of all the fallen journalists, journalistic mistakes and major and minor screw-ups in the media”.   

Well, that should keep him busy keeping it update, huh?

It falls in line, somewhat, with what I was reading at The American Pundit earlier, where I posted a couple of comments with links to previous stories, like:Penelope Trunk at the Huffington Post was so bold as to let us know that journalists have their own version of “the truth”.

I also noted the “highly contrived” article at Newsweek by Sharon Begley that prompted an immediate rebuttal from a Newsweek editor, Robert Samuelson, because of the validity of the story on global warming.

And, I mentioned how the MSM blames bloggers and the internet for journalists’ failed writing and research skills, down to something as simple as proper spelling.

People just tuning in in recent weeks may have thought Scott Thomas Beauchamp and The New Republic were just an isolated occurrence.  But, that is far from the way things are.


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