Census Bureau wants to halt immigration raids for 2010 census


I was watching Hannity & Colmes on the Fox News Channel last night and saw a segment on the U.S. Census Bureau wanting to halt immigration enforcement, until after the 2010 census.  I thought it was a joke of sorts, until they got into the segment.

Of course, Sean Hannity pointed out the stupidity of not enforcing our immigration laws, while Susan Estrich, sitting in for Alan Colmes, argued that it is a constitutional requirement to “count every person” and that the U.S. should suspend immigration enforcement for the census.

Now, this really is as stupid as it sounds. 

So, what is ICE’s response?

Immigration officials sharpened their message a day after being coy about whether they would agree to halt enforcement raids during the 2010 census. “We won’t entertain any request to scale back our efforts,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Kelly Nantel said Friday.

Census officials had planned to speak with immigration agents about curbing enforcement during the population count, the Census Bureau’s second-ranking official said in an interview earlier this week.

Raids during the population count would make an already distrustful group even less likely to cooperate with government workers who are supposed to include them in the headcount, Deputy Director Preston Jay Waite had said.

When asked Thursday if the immigration enforcement agency would consider suspending raids during the census, spokeswoman Pat Reilly said, “If we were, we wouldn’t talk about it.”

“We’re an investigative agency,” she added. “We don’t talk about how we target our enforcement activities.”

The Constitution requires the Census Bureau to count everyone, including illegal immigrants, in the census.

Immigration agents informally agreed to cooperate with the Census Bureau during the 2000 census by not conducting any large-scale raids, said Waite and Kenneth Prewitt, who directed the Census Bureau during the 2000 count.    more…

But, do note that there was cooperation in 2000, although it was done “informally”. 

My theory, keep rounding up the illegal aliens and just count the ones still here, that haven’t been deported, yet.  Sounds too simple?  It is simple.  You still take care of the law enforcement aspect of deporting illegal aliens that have violated our laws entering this country and you still get a count of them. 

Maybe, if the Census Bureau is nice, ICE will keep a count of how many they are able to capture and shuttle back to their home countries for them too.

There!  Problem solved.  Next issue?


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