Border Patrol but not really border enforcement. Get it? Uh, no.

Bryan at Hot Air has a novel concept – “doesn’t that line about the Border Patrol being ‘guardians of Our Nation’s borders’ mean that they actually, you know, guard the borders?”  One would have thought so, except that the Border Patrol is on record as seeing their job in a different light.

Border Patrol agents dont have the responsibility of apprehending illegal immigrants, Carlos X. Carrillo, chief patrol agent for the Laredo sector, said at a town hall meeting Wednesday.”The Border Patrol is not equipped to stop illegal immigrants,” Carrillo said, noting that illegal narcotics are also not on the agents priority list.

“The Border Patrol mission is not to do any of those things,” he emphasized.

The Border Patrols mission is to keep the country safe from terrorist and terrorist weapons, he said. Carrillo added that when and if terrorists come into the country, the agents will be ready.

Now, aren’t you glad that Agent Carrillo enlightened us to the fallacy that the Border Patrol would actually be stopping illegal aliens from entering our country and the similar threat of illegal drugs entering the country.

Read Bryan’s entire post.  He also has info on crimes by illegal aliens.

I’m with Brennan at The American Pundit, “This sounds like it should becoming from The Onion…or TNR.”

“Border Protection?”  Hah!  No wonder the government’s efforts have been so dismal.

So, what does this do to the Border Patrol’s Core Values?  Hmmm?

Do you think this explains why Ramos and Compean are being prosecuted – no one told them that they weren’t actually supposed to patrol the border and enforce immigration laws or stop illegal drugs?


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