How to dupe The New Republic…

Scott Thomas Beauchamp via Gateway Pundit Elspeth Reeve from her time at the Missouri School of Journalism? Franklin Foer  by Taisie Berkely via HarperCollins

Scott Beauchamp – Elspeth Reeve – Franklin Foer

H/T to Brennan at The American Pundit. 

Richard Miniter at Pajamas Media has the scoop on how Scott Thomas Beauchamp took TNR for a ride.  

An insider-turned-whistleblower and the fabricator’s former fiancée, as well as other sources, have spoken to—providing a plethora of new details that raise new questions.

Those questions include: Did the fabricator’s wife, Elspeth Reeve, fact-check her husband’s articles? Did her staff position make other fact-checkers go easy on him? Why didn’t Reeve’s knowledge of Beauchamp’s character and history make her skeptical of his work? (Remember the old journalist saw: “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”) Did Foer’s friendship with Beauchamp affect the fact-checkers or provoke Foer to defend him in the face of mounting evidence? And, why was the whistle-blower the only New Republic staffer to be fired? Finally, what does the magazine intend to do to ensure that it does not get fooled again?   more…

Come to think of it, since Franklin Foer still refuses to own up to the debacle that is so clear to everyone but most of his TNR staff and him, I guess you could say that Scottie is still taking them for a ride.

Richard’s article at Pajamas Media is kind of long but it is full of interesting details that I am sure many readers will find interesting.

So many questions, so few answers.  Hello, Franklin?  Any response for us on how you can get duped so easily and so many times?  Or, is refusing to admit that it happened to you going to be the plan going forward still?

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    […] I know the irony can’t be lost on readers that Chait has the audacity to speak of “a fake thug” after the discredited Scottie Beauchamp by whom TNR was duped. […]

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