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A diss or not a diss? That is the question.

August 22, 2007


So, was Michelle Obama, the wannabe first lady, taking a swipe at her husband’s Dem rival, Hillary Clinton?  Via the Chicago Sun-Times.

At another stop, in Atlantic, Michelle said she travels with her husband in part “to model what it means to have family values,” adding “if you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House.” She didn’t elaborate, but it could be interpreted as a swipe at the Clintons.

Honestly, I think Michelle Obama is going to be an even bigger liability for Barack during his campaign in 2008 than Teresa Heinz was for John Kerry in 2004.  Now, that takes some doing.

But, to answer Michelle Malkin’s question, Michelle Obama was dissing Hillary.  It is common practice for the lagging candidates to take jabs at the leader of the pack in a primary.  Obama and Edwards are regularly taking shots at Hillary.  It is a way for them to try to work their way out of a slump in their lagging campaigns.  It happens in both parties.   But, come convention time, once the primaries are over, rivals now will be singing the virtues of their current opponents.  Some may even be

Interestingly, I was listening to The Hallerin Hilton Hill Show this morning on WNOX, I believe it was, and it was mentioned that Barack Obama appeals to young Americans.  It was also noted that young Americans don’t tend to vote.  That could explain some of his slump in the race, so far.  John Edwards, well he is a walking contradiction with the platform on which he is trying to run as a champion of the downtrodden with his expensive haircuts, a mansion for a home, etc.  That could explain his slump.  That may also explain why his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, is fighting for his candidacy.

Sick the ladies on Hillary, so the guys don’t get any backlash for doing it themselves.  Not the dumbest move on the record.

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Edwards’ wife fights for his candidacy. Why can’t he?

August 17, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards takes a “swipe at Hillary” and calls Obama to task on his “holier than thou” attitude, according to NewsMax.

Elizabeth Edwards Takes Swipe at Hillary 

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic candidate John Edwards, lambastes his rival Barack Obama as “holier than thou” on the Iraq war and accuses Hillary Rodham Clinton of failing to show leadership on health care and Iraq.

As her husband trails Clinton and Obama in national polls, Elizabeth Edwards has been an outspoken critic of his opponents. Last month, she said her husband would be a better champion for women as president than Clinton and more recently said, “We can’t make John black, we can’t make him a woman. Those things get you a lot of press, worth a certain amount of fundraising dollars.”

In an interview published in the August issue of The Progressive magazine, Elizabeth Edwards complained about Obama, who opposed the war when he was a state legislator in Illinois and later as a Senate candidate but has since voted for funds for the military.   more…

I guess the “silk pony”, as Michelle Malkin affectionately calls him, needed to bring out the muscle, since he is too busy with his hypocrisy on taking money, predatory lending and, possibly, conspiring with Henry Reynolds on a smear campaign against an unnanounced Republican candidate. 

Can’t you fight for yourself, John. 

John Edwards via 

I bet, if he asks, Liz might show him how to stand up for himself, without mussing his mane too much.

Meanwhile, John will keep up with the focus of his campaign from the beginning,…


…himself.  No wonder Liz is having to do the fighting. 

Barack Obama, daft diplomat extraordinaire

August 6, 2007


UPDATE:   It seems that Mitt Romney decided to poke a little fun at the daft diplomat, Sen. Obama, during the Republican debate hosted by George Stephanopolous on This Week.  Via the Washington Post

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), in particular, was singled out for saying last week that he would act against terrorists in Pakistan without the support of its president. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney contrasted those comments with Obama’s remark during a recent debate that he would be willing to meet with all foreign leaders.

“I mean, in one week he went from saying he’s going to sit down, you know, for tea, with our enemies, but then he’s going to bomb our allies,” Romney said. “He’s gone from Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove in one week.”    read more… 

Ouch!  That had to sting.  Well, I guess it did… 

Bill Burton, an Obama mouthpiece responded,…

“the fact that the same Republican candidates who want to keep 160,000 American troops in the middle of a civil war couldn’t agree that we should take out Osama bin Laden if we had him in our sights, proves why Americans want to turn the page on the last seven years of Bush-Cheney foreign policy.”


via Yahoo! News

Via Yahoo! News: Pakistani protesters burn a U.S. flag to condemn U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s remarks, Friday, Aug. 3, 2007, in Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan criticized Obama for saying that, if elected, he might order unilateral military strikes inside this Islamic nation to root out terrorists.

Way to go, Barack!  Flex that diplomatic muscle with the “Macho, Macho Manrhetoric, Senator.  Geez!

Gateway Pundit brings us more images of what Obama’s rhetoric has wrought in Pakistan.

Hmmm?  Do you think this is what Obama had in mind, when he opened his mouth and inserted his foot?

via Yahoo! News

Pakistani tribal protesters gather to condemn the U.S. presidential hopeful candidate Barack Obama’s remarks, Friday, Aug. 3, 2007, in Miran Shah, capital of Pakistan’s tribal area of north Waziristan along the Afghanistan border. Pakistan criticized Obama for saying that, if elected, he might order unilateral military strikes inside this Islamic nation to root out terrorists. Speakers told protesters that they will fight back in case of U.S. strikes. (AP Photo/Abdullah Noor)

Now, the Secretary of State is busy trying to smooth things over in the Middle East from Obama’s ill-bred oratory a week ago.

Meanwhile, as Michelle Malkin notes, Sen. Obama is moving on to do his stint on The Daily Show.

In a world of scripted politics, “The Daily Show” offers candidates a chance to show irreverence and a sense of humor. But it also brings a risk if they bomb. 

Oh my!  Did they say “bomb”.  Hasn’t Barack given enough insinuation of bombing for a while? 

And, this man wants to be President of the United States of America?  He looks just like what we need…, if we want to antagonize Al Qaeda into trying even harder to attack us on our own soil.  Quite the uniter, huh?


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Macho, Macho Man

August 1, 2007

UPDATE:  Michelle Malkin has posted the full prepared remarks from Obama’s speech found on his website.


I almost fell out of my chair laughing, not to mention the spewed drink across the room, when I saw Michelle Malkin‘s recommendation for a new campaign theme song for Barack Obama!

The picture on her site is a good one too! 

The Lib of Steel, Barack Obama

Give me a moment………  I had to regain my composure.  Those were just too good.

Look!  It’s a bird!  No!  It’s a plane………..  Sorry.  I digress.

Anyhow, back to business…..

Sen. Obama has decided that we should take a hard line on Pakistan.  This from the guy who the Liberal who was wanting to cut-and-run from the War on Terror?  Maybe Michelle should have used a picture of The Flash, instead of Superman for the senator on this issue?  In the blink of an eye, he jumps from one place to another.

Will this prove to be a chink in the as Sister Toldjah ruminates.

It wasn’t that long ago, back at the CNN/YouTube debate, that Super Barack wanted to hold unconditional meetings with terrorist despots or “leaders”, as it was put, I believe. 

via SouthChild

Clayton Cramer has his own considerations on what Super Uh-oh may have done to his campaign’s chances with the money folks. 

I agree with Jason Smith at Texas Rainmaker – “And he calls the Iraq war a dumb war”.

Allahpundit notes that The Lib of Steel is not plowing new ground with his thoughts on Pakistan and hasn’t considered what his base (Or, at lease what was his base, before talking of attacking sovereign countries that possess nuclear weapons) would think about it.

Sounds like he’s looking to invade a lot more than just Pakistan. Is the left prepared for U.S. special ops incursions into various sovereign countries to attack AQ leadership? They seemed a little jumpy about the operations in Somalia in December, notwithstanding the fact that four of the 1998 embassy bombers were in the crosshairs. And secondly, does everyone realize that Bush has already promised to send troops into Pakistan if they’ve got a bead on Bin Laden? Obama’s not breaking any new ground here unless he means to suggest something grander than a surgical strike of a few hundred troops. Which, given his specific mention of the 2005 shot at Zawahiri that Rumsfeld passed on, he probably doesn’t.   more…

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