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It would be hypocritical for Larry Craig not to resign. Goodbye!

August 29, 2007

Yes, the Senate Republican leadership has called for an ethics investigation.  But, what they need to do is tell Larry to tuck his tail between his legs – no pun intended, much – and slink off.

He has hired counsel to look into his agreement to a plea deal?  Give me a break!  Not only is he a U.S. Senator that has helped pass laws in out country, he was smart enough to plead out to the minor misdemeanor of “Disorderly Conduct“, to avoid the higher misdemenor count of “Interference with Privacy” that could gotten him incarcerated.  Additionally, judges make sure you know what you are doing, before you agree to a plea deal.  This is another stupid move on his part.

It is just as stupid as him blaming the Idaho Statesman for going on a witch hunt to persecute him.  They had information on the incident long before they ever ran the story.  They sat on the story until the disposition of the case.  Craig agreed to a plea deal on a charge in which he was accused of soliciting sex from an undercover male officer in the men’s room at an airport, where they were investigating lewd behavior. 

Now, tell me something.  If you were accused of soliciting homosexual sex from an undercover officer and you really were innocent, would you ever agree to a plea deal to handle it “expeditiously”?  Not me!  If it were me and I were innocent, I would fight it tooth and nail to clear my name, period.

You know Mitt Romney has to be on edge right now.  I wonder why that video on Romney’s YouTube account disappeared?  I don’t guess that takes  rocket scientist, huh?

Fortunately, Allah has it over at HotAir.  Check it out.

Here is Craig’s full statement on the incident at his site.  Video of his press conference is over at HotAir.

Michelle Malkin is probably right, “He’s a lying crapweasel.”

Go way, Larry!  Now!

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