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Illegal alien amnesty, at your disservice.

August 23, 2007

H/T to Michelle Malkin.

“Did the Newark murder suspects benefit from illegal alien amnesty programs?”  Michelle asks a very valid question. 

There has been quite a bit of coverage on the immigration status of several violent cases around the U.S., including Oregon, New Jersey and Texas, just to name a few.  There has also been concern noted about just who is or is not securing our borders.  There has also been concern raised over federal agencies asking to suspend illegal alien arrests and deportations.  We’ve seen discussion on sanctuary cities.  We have talked about Elvira Arellano’s thumbing of her nose at immigration laws and defying deportation orders for years.  And, we have even talked about Geraldo Rivera’s hysterical advocacy for criminal aliens in his tirades in recent days. 

But, let’s focus more on the Newark, NJ murders for a bit.  Who are the alleged perpetrators in the gruesome execution style murders in Newark, NK?  Let’s start with Melvin Jovel an 18 year old immigrant from Honduras who appeared in court this week.

Jovel, who is from Honduras, told the judge he does not have a Social Security number or a green card, but his immigration status remains unclear, prosecutors said. A U.S. passport was found among his belongings when he was arrested Sunday night, but officials are still trying to determine whether the passport is valid, Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Thomas A. McTigue said. Federal authorities have placed a detainer on Jovel because his status is uncertain, McTigue said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials participated in Jovel’s arrest, and a spokesman for the agency said it becomes involved “when they suspect a person is in the county illegally.”

But the spokesman, Michael W. Gilhooley, declined to comment today on whether officials had determined Jovel’s status.

They don’t know his status?  Now, let’s think about this, shall we?  No social security number…no green card…a questionable passport?  I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to put this together.

Maybe we need to go back a few months at look at the “Temporary Protective Status” that George W. Bush championed.    More on TPS can be found here.

Do you care to guess one of the countries for which TPS was applicable?  You guess it – Honduras.  By chance, that is also the country from which two of Jovel’s co-defendants, Rodolfo Godinez and his half-brother, Alexander Alfaro, originate.   

Michelle offers some simple questions on determining Jovel’s immigration status: “Did Jovel or a parent/guardian file an I-821 application form for TPS or not? Was it approved or not? If so, when?”

About two years ago, Jovel took a trip back to Honduras and came back to the U.S.  So, if he had TPS, did he get the special permission required for this trip to leave the country?  If not, he was in violation of the TPS rules.  If he violated these rules, how was he able to get back here and why were deportation proceedings not done?

Michelle has the roundup on the others involved at her site, including an e-mail from an ICE agent who lays out some of the problems with our lax immigration practices in the U.S.

As much as Geraldo and his cohorts would like to try to convince us of it, illegal alien status of criminals is not “irrelevant“.

GIBSON: If his illegal status could have been known and he wasn’t on the street and the murder didn’t happen, wouldn’t that be better?

RIVERA: Why is it that of the 60 homicides in Newark, New Jersey, this year, this is the only one that anyone here cares about? Why is that? Why is that? Is it because we are using this issue to inflame the public on the issue of illegal immigration?

GIBSON: You’re asking the wrong guy. This show started to do it long before he was known to be an illegal. You can ask that of others, but you can’t ask that here.

RIVERA: I grant you that. On Monday you did the story 48 hours after it happened.

GIBSON: Partially because you did it over the weekend and we know…


RIVERA: And I love you. But all I ask for, if you can have a debate about immigration, as we are having in this country, that’s fine. But just don’t mix apples and oranges. Don’t incite the public with irrelevant detail and this is an irrelevant detail.

GIBSON: His illegal status was irrelevant?

RIVERA: To the murder he committed, yes. Why is the citizenship of the five co-defendants not an issue?

GIBSON: But if his status had been known, he wouldn’t have been there to participate.

There needs to be “answers” and “action“, as Michelle concludes.  The victims’ families deserve it, not the run-around they are getting.


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Grieving mother says immigration status is not “irrelevant”

August 22, 2007

Juan Felix Salinas via Houston Chronicle 

Juan Felix Salinas

H/T to Michelle Malkin

Someone alert Geraldo Rivera!  Come to think of it, you probably won’t see him reporting on this story, since it doesn’t likely fit his agenda.

Felinda Williams, a mother who lost her daughter, son-in-law and two year old grandson to a criminal alien who was driving drunk is convinced they would be alive today, if our immigration system worked.  Via the Houston Chronicle.

Tenisha and S.J. Williams and their son Xavier

Felinda Williams couldn’t make herself go to court on a recent morning, couldn’t bring herself to look at the man accused of driving drunk and killing her daughter, her son-in-law and her 2-year-old grandson.

She knows few details of the Aug. 11 crash in Houston that killed the newlyweds and the little boy nicknamed “Peanut Butter.” She does know that her daughter didn’t die on impact. The young woman, according to reports, felt the flames and begged helpless bystanders to pull her free.

The grieving woman knows two things about Juan Felix Salinas, the man charged in connection with their deaths: She knows his name, and she knows he was in the U.S. illegally, out on bail after an earlier arrest.

“He’s been through the courts and the jail before, and nobody caught it,” Williams said. “If they’d caught it, he would have been in jail or deported, and then he wouldn’t have been out there on the streets, and my babies would still be alive.”

Is Juan Felix Salinas an isolated case?  Not by any stretch of the imagination.

In the past year, Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Houston Police Department officials said they have increased their cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. But despite recent efforts, not all illegal immigrants who come into contact with law enforcement in Houston are referred to immigration authorities, which has frustrated some victims’ advocates and proponents of stricter immigration controls.

Salinas, 41, was arrested in Jacinto City after allegedly shaking his wife violently on March 31. He escaped the attention of immigration officials by posting a “non-arrest” bond at the Harris County Jail, which some victim advocates have called a loophole for illegal immigrants.

As Michelle says, “Repeat after me: Sovereign Nation or Sanctuary Nation–It’s your choice.

Officials with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office ask each inmate during the intake process about nationality and citizenship, said Sgt. D.M. Mackey.

More than 4,606 inmates admitted to being illegal immigrants and had their cases referred to ICE from August 2006 through August 2007, Mackey said. In the previous 18 months, the sheriff’s office had identified 1,940 illegal immigrants in the jail.

Andy Kahan, director of the Mayor’s Crime Victim’s Office, questioned why local authorities don’t refer all cases involving suspected illegal immigrants to ICE.“We can’t expect ICE and federal officials to act if we don’t give them all of the information to act on,” he said. “If we don’t give them the tools to make a decision, we reap what we sow.”

Border Patrol but not really border enforcement. Get it? Uh, no.

August 20, 2007

Bryan at Hot Air has a novel concept – “doesn’t that line about the Border Patrol being ‘guardians of Our Nation’s borders’ mean that they actually, you know, guard the borders?”  One would have thought so, except that the Border Patrol is on record as seeing their job in a different light.

Border Patrol agents dont have the responsibility of apprehending illegal immigrants, Carlos X. Carrillo, chief patrol agent for the Laredo sector, said at a town hall meeting Wednesday.”The Border Patrol is not equipped to stop illegal immigrants,” Carrillo said, noting that illegal narcotics are also not on the agents priority list.

“The Border Patrol mission is not to do any of those things,” he emphasized.

The Border Patrols mission is to keep the country safe from terrorist and terrorist weapons, he said. Carrillo added that when and if terrorists come into the country, the agents will be ready.

Now, aren’t you glad that Agent Carrillo enlightened us to the fallacy that the Border Patrol would actually be stopping illegal aliens from entering our country and the similar threat of illegal drugs entering the country.

Read Bryan’s entire post.  He also has info on crimes by illegal aliens.

I’m with Brennan at The American Pundit, “This sounds like it should becoming from The Onion…or TNR.”

“Border Protection?”  Hah!  No wonder the government’s efforts have been so dismal.

So, what does this do to the Border Patrol’s Core Values?  Hmmm?

Do you think this explains why Ramos and Compean are being prosecuted – no one told them that they weren’t actually supposed to patrol the border and enforce immigration laws or stop illegal drugs?

No more sanctuary for Elvira Arellano, at least for now.

August 19, 2007


UPDATE:  H/T to Brennan at The American Pundit.  The Mexican Senate is displeased with the U.S. enforcing our immigrations laws.  I’m not surprised either, Brennan.


UPDATE:  Tammy Bruce is curious as to when we will see mom held accountable for her child abuse/neglect.  Maybe once she gets done basking in the spotlight

And, while we are at it, if the Mexican senate loves Elvira Arellano so much, why don’t they just keep her there, instead of wanting to get her back here?


UPDATE:  Michelle Malkin will be on The O’Reilly Factor at 8:00pm (EST) tonight to discuss the Elvira Arellano case, as well as sanctuary cities and crime.  It will be the usual three, Michelle, O’Reilly, and Powers.  Well, the Factor might be worth watching again tonight.

*NoteIs it just me or does anyone else seem to think the Fox may be grooming Michelle for her own show?  O’Reilly had said some time back that he didn’t know how much longer he would want to do the show.  The Malkin Factor.  Not a bad ring to it.  But, she might want something more original.


UPDATE:  Even the poll on the Los Angeles Times site to see if people believe Arellano should have been deported is overwhelmingly in favor of her deportation. 

Here are the results at 6:12pm (EST), when I cast my vote (Can you guess which way I voted?):

Your Vote

What do you think of the case of Elvira Arellano? The illegal immigrant from Mexico was deported late Sunday. Should she have been deported?

Yes. She broke the law.

(822 responses)

No. She should not be separated from her son.

(254 responses)

Doesn’t matter. This feels like a publicity stunt.

(90 responses)

1166 total responses

Well, they damned sure can’t say that the LAT is some right-leaning media outlet and their crazed readers who hate immigrants.  I think those results are just a hoot! 


UPDATE:  H/T to Michelle Malkin

Laura Ingraham had Geraldo Rivera on to blather about the Elvira Arellano arrest and deportation.  Audio is here for that exchange.

There is one interesting tidbit you might get from the segment, if nothing else.  Geraldo said he “invented” covering MS-13 gangs. 

Now we have Geraldo with MS-13 and Al Gore with the internet.  What’s next?


UPDATE:  A Chicago Tribune poll shows an overwhelming majority of respondents thought Elvira Arellano should have been arrested and deported.  The same goes for churches sheltering illegal aliens.

Now, where is that “outrage” to which the earlier video report alluded?  Anyone?


UPDATE:  You’ll have to forgive me, if I don’t see the “outrage” that they talk about in this video report on Arellano’s arrest and deportation. 

The only “outrage” I am hearing in my area is why it took ICE so long to do something, while Arellano thumbed her nose at U.S. law and got away with it.


UPDATE:  Say “cheese!”, Elvira.  Now comes her booking photo.

Elvira Arellano's booking photo 

Is there anyone out there interested in starting a pool on how long it will be, before Elvira Arellano turns back up in the U.S.?


H/T to Brennan at The American Pundit.

Yes.  Elvira Arellano has been arrested, after brazenly leaving her longtime hideout in a Chicago-area church to travel to Los Angeles, CA for one of her speaking engagements.

An illegal Mexican immigrant who sought refuge inside a Chicago church for a year was arrested in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon after taking her campaign on the road.

Elvira Arellano was arrested about 4:15 p.m. Chicago time by law enforcement officials after leaving Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in downtown Los Angeles, said Emma Lozano, an adviser who was there during the arrest.

After talking to news media inside the church, Arellano and her supporters got into their van to head north to San Jose, where she was scheduled to speak at another church, Lozano said. Moments after they got in the van, an unmarked vehicle stopped them. 

At this point is where Antonio Olivo, the Chicago Tribune staff writer, decides to inject his drama with a little creative license.

The driver of Arellano’s van, Roberto Lopez, poked his head out of the van because he wanted to see why they were being blocked. Several other unmarked vehicles surrounded their van.

Agents came out of all the cars screaming at the top of their lungs for her to get out, Lozano said. Her 8-year-old son, Saul, started to cry, and Arellano said to everyone in the car, “Calm down. Don’t have any fear. They can’t hurt me.”

Well, that almost sounded like the Gestapo had decended upon poor little Elvira and her cohorts, didn’t it?   Now, it was time for Antonio to show Elvira as the one being in charge.

Then she turned to the people who were about to arrest her and she said, “You’re going to have to give me a minute with my son,” Lozano said. She spent time with her son in the car, and then surrendered.

According to the article, ICE has Arellano in custody and is preparing to return her to Mexico on the original deportation order issued in 1997.  I am curious to see if they bungle this one.

As Michelle Malkin points out, “Keep an eye on ICE.”

How long will it take Elvira Arellano to sneak back into the U.S. for a third time, do you think?  Her eight year old son is still in the U.S. and Arellano is just across the border in Tiajuana.  Plus, she already had plans to make the pilgrimage to Washington D.C. in September.  Wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake for Chertoff and ICE to see her pop in in D.C.?  What will you do then, Mr. Chertoff?

If the U.S. Census Bureau had its way, Arellano never would have been deported at this time, I guess.

Interestingly enough, Arellano wasn’t too popular with other illegal aliens, because her shenanigans were perceived to be bringing too much attention to illegal immigration for their comfort.  Read the full Chicago Tribune article.

Bear in mind, as Allahpundit points out, “sanctuary” is not recognized by American law but, rather, is an archaic common law concept.


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Census Bureau wants to halt immigration raids for 2010 census

August 18, 2007


I was watching Hannity & Colmes on the Fox News Channel last night and saw a segment on the U.S. Census Bureau wanting to halt immigration enforcement, until after the 2010 census.  I thought it was a joke of sorts, until they got into the segment.

Of course, Sean Hannity pointed out the stupidity of not enforcing our immigration laws, while Susan Estrich, sitting in for Alan Colmes, argued that it is a constitutional requirement to “count every person” and that the U.S. should suspend immigration enforcement for the census.

Now, this really is as stupid as it sounds. 

So, what is ICE’s response?

Immigration officials sharpened their message a day after being coy about whether they would agree to halt enforcement raids during the 2010 census. “We won’t entertain any request to scale back our efforts,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Kelly Nantel said Friday.

Census officials had planned to speak with immigration agents about curbing enforcement during the population count, the Census Bureau’s second-ranking official said in an interview earlier this week.

Raids during the population count would make an already distrustful group even less likely to cooperate with government workers who are supposed to include them in the headcount, Deputy Director Preston Jay Waite had said.

When asked Thursday if the immigration enforcement agency would consider suspending raids during the census, spokeswoman Pat Reilly said, “If we were, we wouldn’t talk about it.”

“We’re an investigative agency,” she added. “We don’t talk about how we target our enforcement activities.”

The Constitution requires the Census Bureau to count everyone, including illegal immigrants, in the census.

Immigration agents informally agreed to cooperate with the Census Bureau during the 2000 census by not conducting any large-scale raids, said Waite and Kenneth Prewitt, who directed the Census Bureau during the 2000 count.    more…

But, do note that there was cooperation in 2000, although it was done “informally”. 

My theory, keep rounding up the illegal aliens and just count the ones still here, that haven’t been deported, yet.  Sounds too simple?  It is simple.  You still take care of the law enforcement aspect of deporting illegal aliens that have violated our laws entering this country and you still get a count of them. 

Maybe, if the Census Bureau is nice, ICE will keep a count of how many they are able to capture and shuttle back to their home countries for them too.

There!  Problem solved.  Next issue?

Savage continues to draw protests for July remarks

August 18, 2007

Michael Savage via USA Today

It seems that Michael Savage is still drawing quite a bit of heat from his on-air comments on July 5th when he commented about a group of students who had announced they were “fasting in support of changes in immigration policy.”

“I would say, let them fast until they starve to death, then that solves the problem.”

In response, Gerardo Sandoval of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors categorized Savage’s comments as “symbolic of hatred and racism,” and introduced a failed resolution to condemn Savage

Gerardo Sandoval - District 11 Supervisor

The resolution Sadoval introduced to condemn Savage for his comments about illegal aliens failed.  But, in the interim, a group of mostly Hispanic protesters gathered outside Savage’s San Francisco radio station to demand his termination.

Now, as much as I tend not to like the way in which Savage conducts himself, a lot of the time, I do have to agree with him that “[t]o stop opinion by threatening legal action is akin to using the power of the State to control thought and speech”. 

I don’t guess that is too far removed from the Fairness Doctrine efforts, come to think of it, but that is for another post.

So, why did the resolution fail to reach the unanimous vote of all ten members?  Ed Jew, a Chinese-American whose grandfather immigrated to the U.S. several decades ago, voted against it and noted, “The First Amendment gives him the right to make those comments.”

Ed Jew - District 4 Supervisor

What a novel concept, huh?  Too bad the rest of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors didn’t get it.  Of course, Francisco Alvarado and the other organizers of the demonstration against Savage don’t get it either.

Instead, they wanted to stage a “die-in” and chanted “This is what you want! This is what you want!”, while protesters lay sprawled about the ground. 

Basically, it boils down to a couple of Constitutional rights, Savage’s right to free speech and the protesters’ right to assemble.

As for me, as much as I can’t believe I am siding with Savage, I want to see if the protesters have the fortitude to follow there fast through to the climax, when we don’t see immigration policy changed to allow them to return to the eating table as victors. 

Do I want to see anyone die from this situation?  Nope.  Am I going to lose sleep over it, if some of them do perish from their own foolishness?  Nope. 

It’s the protesters’ choice to assemble for this issue.  And, if the have the chutzpah to carry it through to that finale, so be it. 

Is it just me or is Geraldo’s blathering nauseating?

August 17, 2007


UPDATE:  By the way, I have gotten tired of hearing Geraldo whine about how he “broke the story” of the murders on his show the other night, before anyone else was reporting on it.  Is that going to be his claim to fame?   Sorry.  I had to get that off my chest too.


While doing my evening viewing of the Fox News Channel the past few days, I have been obliged to endure Geraldo Rivera on The O’Reilly FactorHannity & Colmes and, now, Fox & Friends

Here he is on The O’Reilly Factor the other night.

He lost his cool with Sean Hannity the other night, when trying to spin the case on the charges leveled against Jose Carranza, an illegal alien, and was fronted out by Sean for trying to brush that aspect aside as a trivial point.  Here he is in an excerpt from Hannity & Colmes, when Sean got him so incited.

I thought Geraldo was going to burst a blood vessel.   

It was almost comical, if it were not for it being so damned annoying, that Geraldo, like so many of his Leftnut buddies, wishes to turn a blind eye to the problems that illegal immigration levies upon our society.

Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox & Friends yesterday with Kelly, Gretchen and Greg to discuss the gangland-style Newark, NJ murders and sanctuary city practices of Newark.

This morning, Geraldo showed up on Fox & Friends with Kelly, Gretchen and Brian to try and counter Michelle’s appearance yesterday on that show, where she was demonstrating the insanity in this having been a 100% preventable crime.  Geraldo was having none of that.

It’s probably better for him that he doesn’t try to go head-to-head with Michelle on the issues.  He doesn’t usually tend to come out too well on those situations.  As Bryan notes:

Geraldo resorted to emotional arguments throughout, and cited statistics without ever noting the source of those stats, and many of his stats aren’t even right. And he had to ignore some obvious things — such as the inherent criminality of illegal immigrants — to get anywhere near making a substantive point. Instead of making real points, he just kept ranting about “Pablo” and injecting race into the debate, and then accusing Michelle of injecting race when she clearly hadn’t.

Had Carranza been deported, in all likelihood, the three youths in Neward that were executed gangland style may well still be alive today.  But, he was not and they are not. 

At the very least, this predator could have been held without bail, pending a deportation hearing on his illegal immigration status, after being charged with raping a child, he would not have been out to commit the murders.

But, that doesn’t play well with Geraldo’s spin, so we should brush over it, as he sees it.  What a nimrod. 

I think Geraldo is full of the “bullcrapMichelle noted in her post and on television.  He doesn’t want to be reminded of all the other horrific crimes being perpetrated by criminal aliens in the U.S., like I have posted on here and here, just for recent examples.

By all means, when it comes to illegal aliens, especially criminal illegal aliens,…

Deport Them Now.

Shhh! Don’t mention that Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez-Geronimo is an “illegal alien”.

August 15, 2007

News of Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez-Geronimo and the horrific accident that took the lives of constructin workers on U.S. Route 29 in Maryland is being reported  on the local and national levels.  But, what seems to not be reported in many cases is that Mr. Gonzalez-Geronimo, by his own admission, is an illegal alien that has been in the U.S. for seven years.

But, surely, there is no agenda for leaving that small tidbit out of the news articles, right?

MSNBC doesn’t even hint at his immigration status.  Same goes for the Washington Post.  An area station, NBC4, in Maryland isn’t any better on their coverage.  It’s not just NBC.  An ABC station is neglecting to report the whole story too.  WABL, another NBC station, is the same.  The Gazette in Maryland, doesn’t mention the immigration status either. 

Now, WTOP, give you the full details, including the illegal immigration status.  The Baltimore Sun gives us a little bit on the illegal immigration status but to them he is an “undocumented worker from Guatemala”, not illegal alien.  But, they do go on to refer to “illegal aliens” in a subsequent sentence. 

Were it not for a few media outlets and the blogosphere reporting the full details, no one would ever know that another illegal alien has taken lives that an American wouldn’t.

I didn’t even find anything on the Fox News Channel.  Maybe, they have it on-air but not on the site yet.  Dunno.  It might pop up on there later.

NewsMax is silent on the story too. 

So, like Brennan at The American Pundit says, “Anyone up for any open borders rap?

Or, better yet, maybe someone would like to strut with Elvira Arellano, the illegal immigrant planning to come out of hiding in a church for ten years, to protest in an immigration march in a few days, as Michelle Malkin reports.

Yeah.  We get to hear politicians, like Rudy, talk about how they are going to secure the borders.  Of course, he continued the sanctuary city policy in New York as mayor and now wants us to believe he is going to do something about illegal aliens.  Maybe I am too skeptical.  I won’t believe it, until I see it.


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Illegal aliens, possibly turned murderers, said to have brutally killed 15 yoa girl, while trying to sexually assault her.

August 9, 2007


Dani Countryman, a 15 year old girl from Kaufman Texas, was brutally murdered by two illegal immigrants at a Milwaukie apartment complex in Oregon.  Story via NWCN, with a video from the family speaking out.

Two suspects charged with aggravated murder in the killing of a Texas teen admitted they came to the United States illegally.

Police said 15-year-old Dani Countryman was trying to fight off Alejandro Rivera Gamboa and his cousin, 23-year-old cousin Gilberto Javier Rivera Gamboa when they strangled her at a Milwaukie apartment in late July.

Alejandro was taken into custody last Saturday on an outstanding warrant for an unrelated probation violation involving drunk driving. The murder charges were later added.

Gilberto Javier Rivera Gamboa was arrested Monday on aggravated murder charges at the Balboa apartment complex where he lives just a few doors from where Countryman was discovered.

The two also faced an immigration hearing after the murder investigation was complete. According to immigration officials, both of the suspects admitted to entering the country illegally six months ago.

Court records showed Alejandro admitted to stepping on the girl and holding her down and that the two tried to sexually assault her.    more…

As if all that news wasn’t bad enough, Oregon Live has more details of this horrific crime.

As 15-year-old Dani Countryman struggled beneath Gilberto Arellano Gamboa, pinned to the floor with her pants down, he called on his cousin to help subdue the girl. Alejandro Rivera Gamboa responded by stepping on Countryman’s throat until she stopped moving.

That’s how investigators described Countryman’s death in a court document released Tuesday. Evidence outlined in the document included statements by the defendants and a bloody shoe that matched an imprint on Countryman’s chest.

Between the show imprint on Dani Countryman’s chest and DNA evidence recovered from her body, police were able to determine her attackers.  The criminal case will take precedence over the immigration case but, even after the criminal case concludes, there is not guarantee that they would be deported.

Dani Countryman’s family, for obvious reasons, is devastated.


“You read about this stuff in the newspaper or see it on T.V., but you never really think it’s going to happen to someone you love,” said Carla Cullum, Countryman’s aunt who lives in Denton.

For Wright, who has stood by her granddaughter through what she admits has been a “tough year,” Countryman’s final moments haunt her.

“She was such a breath of fresh air. She was so full of life. The last year of her life had been a pretty difficult one, especially once we learned I had cancer. My cancer threw her into a tailspin, but she was turning things around and getting things back together. The last three months with her have been just pure heaven,” Wright said. “The one thing I could never stand was seeing Dani terrified or scared. And that’s what horrifies me the most. To know that her last thoughts were ones of terror, my heart just can’t handle it.”

While the shock of the tragedy still lingers, Wright has stayed in constant contact with Oregon law enforcement, keeping abreast of the latest developments in the case.

“They told me today that a woman has come forward who said she awoke early Saturday morning to the sound of voices in the parking lot,” Wright said. “She witnessed two men speaking in Spanish and dragging a body into the apartment.”    more…

For an even bigger slap in the face, this is guard troops are being pulled off the Southern border security detail, with which they have been helping, a year early.  Via the Washington Post.

National Guard troops assigned to help increase security along the U.S.-Mexico border are being pulled off the line a year earlier than promised, and some state and federal officials are not happy about it.

“The drawdown of Operation Jump Start’s strength level is ill-timed and should be halted and re-examined,” Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano wrote in a letter last week to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

“Arizona remains a problematic border in the Southwest region, and the long-planned drawdown in personnel and patrol is premature,” she said.

Miss Napolitano said President Bush’s deployment of the Guard troops in her state had “made real progress” in cutting the number of people sneaking illegally into the country, and noted that the Border Patrol is not yet up to the manpower totals promised by the presidentially mandated program.

The reductions, which began July 1 and will be completed by Sept. 1, will result in a cut of Guard troops in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas from 6,000 to 3,000 — half of that promised by Mr. Bush in 2006.

In Arizona, the nation’s most popular alien- and drug-smuggling corridor, the number of troops will be cut from 2,400 to 1,200.

Mr. Bush ordered the National Guard troops’ deployment while the Border Patrol recruited, hired, trained and assigned 6,000 new agents, a recruitment goal the agency expected to reach by the end of 2008.   more…

It is crimes like this that resulted in Deport Them Now being set up to get criminal aliens removed from our country, as I posted on here, after a H/T from Michelle Malkin. 

One of these aliens, as you read above, was picked up on a parole violation and, then, the other charges were added, after he was caught on that. 

Now, even with this tragedy having taken place, the Bush Administration tries “setting the record straight (translated as spinning their yarn) to counter the Washington Post article outlining the administration’s plans to reduce our already dismal border security, yet again.

Because of the deterrence of our enhanced security measures, apprehensions are down 24 percent along the Southwest border compared to the same period during the previous fiscal year.  The number of other-than-Mexican alien apprehensions is down 48 percent.  This is a result of the success of Operation Jump Start as well as implementing catch and return, increased worksite enforcement, and continued prosecutions of smugglers and criminals who try enter the country illegally.

So, now that we have finally started making a little headway on the Southern border, the Bush administration is ready to cut-and-run.  Think of the irony and the hypocrisy!  

The administration condemns folks disagreeing with them on Iraq and the War on Terror of trying to do the same thing and right so.  But, this is a surrender of our sovereignty and safety at home that we are talking about at home now. 

Via Politico, we find out that the Bush Administration has something they call a plan.

The Bush administration on Friday will announce plans to enlist state and local law enforcement in cracking down on illegal immigrants, which previously was largely a federal function, according to congressional sources.

The administration is unveiling a series of tough border control and employer enforcement measures designed to make up for security provisions that failed when Congress rejected a broad rewrite of the nation’s immigration laws in June. The plans are scheduled to be announced at 10:30 a.m. by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez.

Details were provided to Capitol Hill on Thursday. As part of the new measures, the secretary of Homeland Security will deliver regular “State of the Border” reports beginning this fall.

In one of the most interesting revelations, the plans call for the administration to “train growing numbers of state and local law enforcement officers to identify and detain immigration offenders whom they encounter in the course of daily law enforcement,” according to a summary provided to The Politico by a congressional source.

“By this fall, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will have quintupled the number of enforcement teams devoted to removing fugitive aliens (from 15 to 75 in less than three years),” the summary says.

The announcement is aimed at restoring President Bush’s credibility with conservatives who were dismayed that he pushed so hard for broad immigration reform, including a guest worker program for people now here illegally, before the border was more secure.    more…

Can you say “a day late and a dollar short?”  Actually, we may need to say years too late and billions of dollars short.  “Credibility” be damned.  I think he has shot that all to hell and back, as far as this conservative is concerned.  But, he might be able to not go down in history as the president that finished giving away our sovereignty.

On top of all this, the president threatened a veto of the $3 billion approved by Congress for beef up our border security, as Liberty Post reminds us.

What is the deal with the White House and its co-horts?  They talk about keeping American’s safe and then do things quite to the contrary.  We are seeing more an more horrendous crimes committed by illegal aliens, not all of whom are of Hispanic descent.  Yet, Washington continues to leave our borders porous, at best.

Look, Mr. President, “you’re either with us (The American people) or you against us.”  Which is it? 

How many more innocent people have to suffer and/or die, before you get it right?

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Really!  I try to see it from Washington’s point of view but I can’t get my head that far up my posterior.

Here's Washington's problem.

Once the Bush administration, and Washington in general, can overcome their inferior vantage point of looking at the problem with the borders and illegal aliens, already here and currently trying to sneak in here, they might be able to solve the problem.  Until then, things look dark.  All pun intended there.

In the meantime, we get more and more empty promises of how they are going to crack down on illegal immigration from the White House.

The Bush administration plans to step up immigration enforcement by raising fines on employers who hire undocumented workers, overhauling temporary worker programs and speeding up deployment of border agents, according to a summary of the plans.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez planned to announce broad immigration changes at a news conference Friday.

Some of the initiatives are similar to proposals contained in recent immigration legislation, although they are not nearly as sweeping as the bill that failed to pass the Senate. Other measures are already under way.   more…

As far as this conservative is concerned, I have given up hope on the Bush administration getting it fixed.  I am looking for a candidate in 2008 that might finally do something to protect us, if the current administration doesn’t just go ahead and concede some of our Southwestern states to Vincente Fox and friends for Mexico.  I had thought Fred Thompson, if he ever announced, would be the man to turn our border problems around.  But, my mind has been changing, as of late, that he could/would walk-the-walk.  Now, the forecast looks bleak.


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August 8, 2007

UPDATE:  The border erasing crowd and friends have posts up comparing the raids to “terror”.


I’m surprised that no one thought of this bright idea before now, including the geniuses in Washington?  Geez!  (via OCR)

Khang Tran, center, reads a prepared statement to the media on behalf of the Orange County Alliance for Immigrants Rights outside Santa Ana's council chambers Monday night. The group announced plans for a hot line to report immigration raids.

SANTA ANA – Responding to a refusal by city leaders to declare the city a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, more than a dozen people gathered outside City Hall on Monday night to denounce recent immigration raids, accusing federal officials of “terrorizing” immigrant communities and breaking up families.

A coalition of local immigrant rights groups, including the Orange County Alliance for Immigrants Rights and the Front Against the Raids, announced a planned program to create a hot line that will notify people where and when immigration raids will take place. The program would also coordinate a support system for the families of deportee targets.

“We want to have a more organized effort to counter these attacks,” said Jaime Conteras, a 20-year-old Filipino immigrant who now lives in Santa Ana. “We cannot let people trample on our rights.”

During five days of raids in June, 175 people in Orange County were arrested on suspected immigration violations. The raids arrested 27 suspected criminals, including a man wanted for murder and a convicted child molester. Santa Ana was one of the targeted cities.   more…. 

Oh, my!  We can’t have ICE tracking down criminal aliens, like the murderers and convicted child molesters, now can we? 

Can we file this one away in stupid news?


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