Planned Parenthood and…. Spider-Man?

I’m not sure to whom the hat tip should go on this one, Instapundit, whose link on “the declining status of TV anchors” got me to Ed Driscoll‘s post on “Leveling The Playing Field”, which helped me run across Ed’s link to “Most Improbable Comic Book Superhero Cross-Over Ever“.  Well, that link too me to Andrew Farago‘s blog and a post on “The Lost Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man and Planned Parenthood!” 

Whew!  Are you still with me?  Anyhow….

It seems that Marvel Comics teamed up with Planned Parenthood to indoctrinate children reading their work.

via Andrew Farago

There isn’t too much out of the ordinary from the cover.  When things really start to come to the light is when you flip open to the next page and have everything you need to order the “Big 3 Info Packet” from Planned Parenthood for $1.00, plus 35 cents in shipping and handling.  Now, there’s what every child needs – the “Sex Alphabet”, “Love and Sex in Plain Language” and “Understanding Sex”

Andrew Farago and I, obviously, disagree on this joining of efforts, because he thought “Christmas came early this year.”

It just gets worse, as you go on from there.  The next page tells you that “Stan Lee presents a special Planned Parenthood issue of The Amazing Spider-Man“, emblazened with the title of this comic issue, “The Pull of the Prodigy.”

As the story comes to a close, Spidey “ends the pernicious power of the Prodigy“, while taking time for a vanity moment. 

Is it just me or does there seem to be some hidden implication that the fundamentalist right-wing capitalists in this country are wanting underprivileged youth to produce babies to help the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer?  Nah!  That has to be just my imagination playing tricks on me.  There couldn’t be an ulterior motive like that in play here.

But, wait!  The information sharing isn’t over, yet.  You don’t think Stan and Planned Parenthood would leave you hanging (no pun intended…well, maybe a little) do you?

You can learn “What The Facts Are…” about:

  • Preganency

  • Thoughts

  • Homosexuality

  • Venereal Disease

  • Feelings

  • Careers

 You can also learn “Where To Get Them.”  Now, isn’t that a public service that Stan and Planned Parenthood have provided for our children?

Just think, now small children know how to run about and rut like animals…….Oh, and use condoms, so they don’t produce “slave labor” for the capitalist pigs that want to keep them “ignorant”.  Geez!

Do you think this fits with Barack Obama’s, the wannabe Superman‘s, great idea of sex-ed for kindergarteners that have been posted on here, here, here and here?  There’s two superheros I grew up with that seem severely diminished in my eyes now. 

Let’s not forget Planned Parenthood’s “Super Hero for CHOICE“.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG), based in San Francisco, produced the video entitled, “A Superhero for CHOICE” and posted the video on its main website. The video was noticed by a conservative blogger on Friday, Aug. 5. It features a female superhero called Dianisis, presumably named after the president and CEO of PPGG, Dian J. Harrison. Dianisis travels the world fighting for ‘choice.’

“It starts out with an abstinence educator who is simply trying to tell kids that if they want to avoid STDs and other problems, that they should abstain from sexual activity. Planned Parenthood’s response is to drown him in a garbage can,” Sedlak said.

“Then you have pro-life protestors outside a Planned Parenthood and in the video, [Planned Parenthood] even admit[s] that these people are not violent, they are doing everything legal, but she just wishes they would go away, so she shoots them with a condom gun and blows them up,” Sedlak added.  

read more…

Hmmmm?  Could there be a conspiracy afoot? 

Nah!  There goes my paranoia, again. 

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One Response to “Planned Parenthood and…. Spider-Man?”

  1. neoconnews Says:

    My spidey-sense isn’t the only thing tingling…

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