You’re off the hook, Michelle. Now, I’m supposed to be the purveyor of hate speech.


Now I have been moved from the status of Michelle Malkin’s “good friend” to that of a “little one“.  I wish the left could get this straight, give me a descriptor and stick with it. 

Of course, my new handle comes from the Culture Warriors.  Check out their bios.  They look to be an impressive lot.  

Enjoy the reading.  It doesn’t appear that you will find any sorrow for the “hate speech” that generated from the left-nuts over John Roberts illness, just smirks because the left’s actions were pointed out for everyone to see. 


Well, it looks as though I am off the Christmas card list of the Phoenix Woman and the other fine compassionate souls over at her blog. 

Ooops!  Wait a moment.  There I am, in my vast right-wing, fundamentalist mind, jumping to conclusions that they even believe in Christ and Christmas.  Would it be a winter solstice card list or something then?  Hmmm?

But, I digress.  Back to the rat killin’, so to speak, from this “nameless fellow.”   Yes, Phoenix Woman, it is in the singular.  😉

So, it appear that Phoenix Woman is upset because she has “gone poking about” my blog looking for my insights on Scott Thomas Beauchamp and ended up at one of my posts on the debunked wannabe “author”.  Too bad she didn’t find her way on down to the bottom of that post to find links to some of my other posting on Scottie.  From there she might have found another of my posts on the significant other (a.k.a. Scottie) of a TNR staffer. 

Did Phoenix Woman make the extra few clicks of the mouse to get to anything else on my blog?  I’m afraid not.  Instead, she used her allusion to research as some uncorroborated segue into how I  and the “the right-wing blog aggregators” haven’t told conservatives to not speak of Scott Thomas Beauchamp’s articles stories lies about what is going on in Iraq.  Poor research?  Should I have expected more?  Probably not but, naively, I did.

Phoenix Woman has also decided that I am a purveyor of hate speech and refers to me as Michelle Malkin’s “good friend”. I suppose she makes this allusion, because Michelle regularly gets accused of being such by the left-nuts.  Of course, Michelle, unlike me, gets hate mail from left-nuts making lewd references to her race, religion, sexual practices, etc.  Rick Moran and she are accused of allowing hate filled comments on her blog by readers.  Not that one might not slip through now and then.  But, they are usually on top of monitoring what is allowed as offensive comments go. 

But, again, I am digressing.  As for me being Michelle’s “good friend”, we have neither met nor spoken to one another.  We do have similar views on some issues and diverging opinions on others, which get linked through trackbacks between our blogs.  I certainly take no offense in being considered her “good friend.”  She is an intelligent, articulate lady that knows how to research her topics, unlike the futile attempts of some that will remain unnamed. 

Now, did I allow any comments on my site wishing ill will toward Scottie Beauchamp?  None that I can remember.  Did I make any allusion to bad things I would like to see happen to him?  No. 

But, you have the links above for my posts on “Scott Thomas”, later determined, after coming out of hiding, to be Scott Thomas Beauchamp.  Check for yourself. 

Can I speak for anyone else on the right side of the blogosphere?  No.

Oh, yes.  It almost slipped my mind that I was also chastized by Phoenix Woman for my post on Justice John Roberts‘ recent trip to the hospital, after suffering a benign idiopathic seizure.  Why?  Well, by chance, I ran across hate-filled diatribes by leftist nuts commenting at Dem Und, Wonkette, Think Progress about the evils they were wishing would befall the Chief Justice of the United States.  I guess I did allude to the supposed compassion, tolerance, etc. that the leftist always dribble on about that was not apparent in the rantings I cited. 

That link from Instapundit, referencing what I had found, drove quite a bit of traffic to my post on the Chief Justice of SCOTUS, the one Phoenix Woman found so offensive. 

Why did she find it so offensive?  I don’t know.  Look for yourself and see if you can figure it out.  Do you suppose she thinks Glenn Reynolds (a.k.a. Instapundit) is an outlet for “hate speech” too?  I wouldn’t be surprised if she does.  But, alas, Professor Reynolds has not been named by her as such, yet. 

Will I apologize for citing the “hate speech” comments made by their cohorts?  Uh, no. 

I can just feel the love and compassion in some of them.  Can’t you?

Dear God,

Please release Satan’s hand-maiden, John Roberts, from his worldly cares and allow him to join once again with the Prince of Darkness in the lowest reaches of Hell.

We pray this in the name of your son, our lord, Jesus.


Did I mention a little blasphemy that was thrown in there from time to time? 

Does that mean I am part of “the Republican base”, as Phoenix Woman intimates?  I guess, if she had “gone poking about” my blog a little more, she would see that I condemn any politician, Democrat or Republican, for their misdeeds.  But, I don’t suppose that would have been convenient for a half-baked argument to try to paint me as a Republican hack, now would it? 

Now, in the interest of disclosure, I am a very staunch conservative, socially and fiscally.  By platform, more than anything partisan, I tend to have to agree with Republicans more than Democrats. 

Do I vote Republican?  More so than not, but I vote my conscience and with whom I believe most closely aligns with my conservative beliefs.  

Do I end up voting for non-Republican candidates?  Yep. 

Do I end up voting for the lesser of two evils a lot?  You betcha, just like a lot of others.

All this said and done, hate speech by anyone is wrong – left or right, Democrat or Republican or Independent – but it does seem to generate much more frequently from the left than the right.  But, again, it is wrong, no matter from whom it comes.

By the way, Phoenix Woman, thanks for visiting the Volunteer Opinion Journal!  Come on back now.  Ya hear?  🙂


4 Responses to “You’re off the hook, Michelle. Now, I’m supposed to be the purveyor of hate speech.”

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    “the right-wing blog aggregators””

    Where do I sign up?

    “Phoenix Woman…also…me as Michelle Malkin’s “good friend.”

    Once again I ask where do I sign up for such a privilege? Could you introduce me? 🙂

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